Twin blasts killed at least 28 and injured more than 50 in Baghdad

Twin blasts killed at least 28 and injured more than 50 in Baghdad

Rescue workers in Sinak Market.

Baghdad: At least 25 people have been killed in Baghdad after two bomb blasts hit a busy market, more than 50 people have also been injured. Reuters have reported that at least one of the explosions was carried out by a suicide bomber.

According to a AFP a police colonel said that the Sinak Market in central Baghdad’s Al-Rasheed district was the target of the blasts.

According to an official of interior ministry the second blast was carried out with the help of a planted explosive device. The market where the blasts occurred were crowded at the time, after the first attack a lot of people had gathered to help the victims when the second blast occurred which substantially increased the number of casualties.

The Islamic State (IS) has claimed the responsibility and have released a statement which said two of their members had carried out the suicide attacks in Baghdad. In recent months IS has been under heavy pressure in the city of Mosul where the Iraqi forces are conducting an operation against them.

The area has been sealed by security forces and ambulances are busy transporting the injured to the nearby hospitals.

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