Syria: UN Suspends Aid After Attack on The Aid Convoy

Syria: UN Suspends Aid After Attack on The Aid Convoy


United Nations has suspended all the aid going to Syria after the Syrian government attacked the aid convoy on Monday near Aleppo.


According to a spokesperson of United Nations, the UN had informed all the concerned parties i.e Russia, United States and Syria about the aid convoy in advance, and the convoy also had the permission letter to provide aid in Aleppo.


Before this latest suspension of all aid programs by the UN, the Syrian forces had carried out an airstrike on the aid convoy on Monday destroying 18 of 31 trucks filled with supplies.


The supplies included wheat, winter clothes and medicine, the convoy was carrying aid for at least 78,000 people of Aleppo.


According to analysts the airstrike killed at least 12 people including a senior member of international aid organisation the Red Crescent.


Peter Marsh, the president of the international Red Cross organisation have said that the attack on the aid convoy is an outright violation of international law.


United States has also strongly condemned the attack that occurred near the town of Urum Al-Kubra and said that future cooperation with Russia will have to be reassessed.


John Kirby, the spokesperson for the US foreign office said that Russia new the destination of the aid convoy in advance , even then people helping the Syrian population got killed.


According to a humanitarian organisation in Britain this attack was intentionally carried out be either the Syrian or the Russian forces.

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