Suicide car bomb killed at least 35 in Baghdad, Iraq

Suicide car bomb killed at least 35 in Baghdad, Iraq

Baghdad: At least 35 people have been killed in a suicide car bomb attack north of the capital city of Baghdad, dozens of people have also been injured.

According to the police the Shia populated area was targeted and the explosion occurred at the busy square of Sadr City a suburban district of Baghdad.

The majority of the victims were ordinary citizens and daily laborers who wait at the square for jobs, the number of injured people is reported to more than 60.

The prime minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi said that the attacker disguised himself as one of the laborers and waited for more people to gather around before detonating the bomb in his vehicle.

He met with the French president Francois Hollande in Baghdad and after the meeting told reporters: “The terrorists will attempt to attack civilians in order to make up for their losses, but we assure the Iraqi people and the world that we are able to end terrorism and shorten its life.”

The French president is on a visit to Iraq to meet the French troops and later he will also visit the Kurdistan Region. He was confident that Mosul will be liberated in just matter of weeks now. He said:

“Daesh (ISIS in arabic) is stepping back and Daesh will be defeated. It’s a year that will be a year of victory, here, against terrorism.”

IS has claimed the responsibility of the attack and has carried out attacks in the same manner previously.

On Saturday at least 29 people lost their lives in three bomb blasts while seven police officers were killed on Sunday in the city of Najaf, IS claimed the responsibility of the both the attacks.

The government of Iraq is currently carrying out an operation against IS in Mosul which is considered as the last stronghold of the terrorist group, IS has increased suicide attacks ever since as retaliation.

Iraqi forces have been hindered by these waves of suicide attacks along with snipers, bad weather and shellfire.

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