New year’s eve, tight security measures taken by many countries, for any terrorist attacks

New year’s eve, tight security measures taken by many countries, for any terrorist attacks

Major western cities tightened security measures on Friday, regarding the new year’s eve celebrations coming ahead, few days back the Berlin attack which killed 12 people in the Christmas market, made threats of some other possible terrorist attacks.

Due to security purpose in many capitals of the European and Russian cities, security forces erected concrete barriers. Large number of police official also added to make the celebrations safe.

In the German capital, police closed The Pariser Platz square which is near the Brandenburg Gate is blocked by police officials to avoid any attack, and the defence ministry also allocated 1,700 additional police officers, many along a party strip where armored police vehicles will also be protecting the crowd at new year’s celebrations.

“Every measure is being taken to prevent a possible attack,” Berlin police official, Thomas Neuendorf told to Reuters. Some police officials will also be armored by sub machine guns, he further told.

In Brussels the new year fireworks show was cancelled due to security reason, ISIS suicide bombers attacked, killing 16 people and injured more than 150 in March back this year, afterwards by increasing the security the mayor decided to allow the celebrations in the city.

Police shot the man dead in Milan, security measures are tighten around the main square. Trucks are banned to enter in the central areas of Rome and Naples. Security forces including police with modern heavy weapons are engaged at Rome’s Colosseum to make celebrations secure.

In Madrid some 1600 number of police officers deployed, which will protecting the new year eve celebrations. plans to deploy an extra 1,600 police on the New Year weekend. For the second year running, access to the City center Puerta del Sol square celebrations are also by huge crowd but due to security reasons it is limited only up to twenty five thousand people attending the celebrations at this spot police will be protecting the crowd.

More famous points for the new year eve celebrations in Cologne where numerous girls very assaulted sexualy and many robbery complains came at last year eve celebrations, are well secured to ensure safety of people mainly from any terrorist attacks.

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