Putin ‘sought to help’ president-elect Donald Trump: US Intelligence

Putin ‘sought to help’ president-elect Donald Trump: US Intelligence

Washington: The US intelligence agencies have presented a report regarding the Russian hacking accusations that said Vladimir Putin sought to help president-elect Donald Trump to win the presidential election.

According to the unclassified report the Russian president ordered a special campaign to influence the US presidential elections, a claim Moscow has denied constantly.

After the intelligence briefing president-elect Donald Trump said that the outcome of the election was not affected, he also blamed and criticized the Democratic National Committee for letting their servers get hacked.

Voting machines and election databases would now be classified as “critical infrastructure” the Department of Homeland Security of United States has announced. This infrastructure will be provided with extra security against cyber attacks.

The intelligence reports consists of 25 pages and it says that Moscow had a clear preference for Donald Trump and Russian tactics were aimed at making US citizens lose faith in the democratic and electoral process and tarnishing the reputation of the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

The report said: “We assess Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the US presidential.”

Although the unclassified version of the report does not provide any evidence of Vladimir Putin’s direct role it does include some of Russia’s actions which include hacking into emails of top Democratic officials and the

Democratic National Committee, publishing those emails through intermediaries like DCLeaks, Wikileaks and Guccifer 2.0 and funding social media to create negative impact of Trump’s opposition.

The cut-down version of the classified report does not contain the identities of actual Russian agents, this report was released on Thursday after Donald Trump was given the briefing by intelligence chiefs.

Donald Trump has constantly denied the allegations that Russia interfered in the presidential elections to help him win and has even doubted the performance of his own intelligence agencies.

However, after the briefing he did appreciated the work of the intelligence agencies but still did not single out Russia, he said:

“While Russia, China, other countries, outside groups and people are consistently trying to break through the cyber infrastructure of our governmental institutions, businesses and organisations including the Democrat National
Committee, there was absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election.”

He further said: “Whether it is our government, organisations, associations or businesses we need to aggressively combat and stop cyber-attacks. I will appoint a team to give me a plan within 90 days of taking office.”

Donald Trump has also said that US has been the target of cyber attacks previously but the media did not highlighted those attacks and called Russian hacking claims as “political witch-hunt”

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