Pakistani Descent Abid Qureshi Nominated As The First Ever Muslim Federal Judge In United States

Pakistani Descent Abid Qureshi Nominated As The First Ever Muslim Federal Judge In United States


Washington: The president of United States Barack Obama has nominated the first ever Muslim judge and he chose the Pakistani descent Abid Qureshi.


According to foreign news agency, for the first time in United States history president Barack Obama has nominated a Muslim as a federal judge. After the final confirmation by the senate, Abid Qureshi will start performing his duties as a federal judge in district of Columbia courts.


The US president Barack Obama said that“I am pleased to nominate Mr. Qureshi to serve on the United States District Court bench. I am confident he will serve the American people with integrity and a steadfast commitment to justice.”


Muslim lawyers in United States have appreciated Abid Qureshi’s nomination and have said that the effort by Barack Obama to include intelligent and professional people from every community in to the US judicial system is commendable.


Do note that Abid Qureshi was born in Pakistan, however he moved with his family to United States later and completed his higher education in United States.


Currently Abid Raza is a partner in the Washington D.C branch of the law firm called “Latham & Watkins LLP”, he specializes in False Claim Act, health care fraud and securities violation cases.


However, since it is the end of president Obama’s second term, senate Republicans have refused to confirm all of his judicial picks.


The nomination still has a symbolic value, Farhana Khera, the executive director of Muslim Advocates said, “I commend President Obama for taking this important step in continuing to pick the best and brightest from every community to serve as part of our nation’s judiciary.
A judiciary that reflects the rich diversity of our nation helps ensure the fair and just administration of the law, and it is vital for American Muslims to be included. Mr. Qureshi’s profound commitment to the rule of law and justice for people of all backgrounds makes him an exceptional nominee.”

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