Obama says, Trump could adopt my policies, in some international issues.

Obama says, Trump could adopt my policies, in some international issues.

Last press briefing of Barack Obama.
President Barack Obama giving his last press briefing as US president.

Washington: U.S president Barack Obama said, that the upcoming president Donald Trump over some international issues could adopt his policies, meanwhile Obama also suggested Donald Trump regarding the International issues as being a president of U.S.


Obama in his last press briefing of his presidency told, it’s our responsibility to take necessary security measures to prevent democracy in the modern cyber world. He also said that better relation with Russia is in favour of U.S and rest of the World as well.


U.S should develop better relations with Russia, in the Putin’s period, the relation among the two countries were tensed, he also told that Russia was not cooperating to decline the nuclear weapons, while the anti American people in Moscow made the situation even more worse, while the better relations between the two countries is a better option for the whole World.  


President Obama talking over the Israeli settlements on Palestine land, said that it is a conflict between the two countries and should be solved, Israel should solve it to remain a democratic country and also to maintain the of global peace, he also told, while we can’t impose our decision over any country, while we are providing a platform for the peaceful solution of the matter.


He briefed that we should secure the democracy in the cyber edge, he also said it doesn’t suits U.S as being a great country to occupy small countries of the world. U.S having some conflicts with Cuba, he also told that we need more to work over to stop the racism.


Barack Obama also said that freedom of the media plays a vital role in running a country, media has a right to take my trial, president Obama said, he further said that the democrats should review the policy after the defeat in the elections.

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