Mohammed Shohayet the Rohingya Alan Kurdi

Mohammed Shohayet the Rohingya Alan Kurdi

A picture has been surfaced which shows a 16 months old baby named Mohammed Shohayet is lying face down in the mud, his dead body was washed up on the river bank after he had drowned along with his three year old brother, his uncle and his mother.

CNN reported that his father Zafar Alam told them: “When I see the picture, I feel like I would rather die. There is no point in living in this world.”

Mohammed Shohayet was with his family which was trying to escape from the ethnic persecution of their community in Myanmar, they were trying to cross into Bangladesh.

This picture has huge similarities to that of Alan Kurdi’s who was a young refugee from Syria, he was found dead on a beach in Turkey in 2015, he was also trying to escape from the atrocious civil war in his country.

Although both of these boys died in different conflicts but the pain and suffering of the families is the same along with the desperation of escaping the violent environment.

Rohingya muslims are considered as illegal immigrants of Bangladesh by the government of Myanmar even though they have been residing in the state of Rakhine for generations.

The story of Mohammad Shohayet is just one of many among the thousands of Rohingya families in Myanmar, reportedly almost 34,000 people have crossed the border of Bangladesh. However, the government of Bangladesh has tightened its
border security in an effort to stop people from migrating into the country.

The government of Myanmar has consistently denied reports of human rights abuses and violence but since journalists and human aid organisations are banned from entering the area it is hard to believe their statements.

The military is supposedly carrying out a clearance operation against a group of extremists who attacked and killed several border security guards.

Human rights groups have warned that Myanmar’s action could be deemed as ethnical cleansing and crimes against humanity by the United Nations. An open letter was written to the United Nations urging the organisation take action. This letter was signed by a group of Nobel laureates.

Aung Saan Suu Kyi, the state counselor of Myanmar has also been criticised for Myanmar’s policy against the Rohingya Muslims, but she has denied the allegations of violence and has insisted that her country is not doing anything unlawful.

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