Fort Lauderdale shooting: Suspect surrenders after killing five people

Fort Lauderdale shooting: Suspect surrenders after killing five people

Florida: A US soldier and Iraq war veteran opened fire and killed at least five people after taking a handgun out of his checked luggage.

The suspect, 26 years old Esteban Santiago surrendered when he ran out of ammunition, according to George Piro of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and also the special agent in charge in Miami terrorism has not been ruled out as a possibility. He also said the the suspect has been questioned at length and his recent travel history has also been examined.

Esteban Santiago served as private first class and combat engineer, in August 2016 he was transferred to the inactive ready reserve after receiving numerous medals.

From 2007 to 2016 Santiago served in the Puerto Rico and the Alaskan National Guard, he was also deployed to Iraq from 2010 to 2011.

In November 2016 he appeared in an FBI office in Anchorage, he was quite unstable mentally and was handed over to the local police. He was then taken for a mental evaluation in a mental facility by the local police.

According to Reuters a federal law enforcement official had said that Santiago said he was being ordered to watch Islamic State videos as he was being controlled by a US intelligence agency.

His family members have told media that he was not the same person once he came back from his deployment.

The US has been plagued by a series of massive shootings in the recent years these shootings were carried out by people inspired from terrorist groups, mentally disturbed and loners.

In this recent case the gunman had a gun in his checked luggage, it may seem unusual but you are allowed to carry a gun while flying. But it has to be kept in a locked container and as checked baggage only. The TSA also does not allow to carry ammunition in carry bags, the ammunition must be in checked baggage.

According to eyewitnesses the shooter fired directly at the people and did not said or yelled anything, once he was out of ammunition he surrendered to the police.

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