Donald Trump Profile

Donald Trump Profile

Full Name: Donald John Trump

donald-trump-profileDOB: June 14, 1946 (Age 70 Years)

Current Position: 45th President of United States of America

Political Party: Republican

Occupation: Politician, Businessman, Television Producer

Religion:  Protestant, Christian

Donald John Trump was born and grew up in the boroughs of Queens, New York, he is currently the presidential nominee for US elections 2016 from the Republican Party. He is a wealthy businessman, author, television producer and a politician. Donald Trump inherited his father’s business and renamed it Trump Organisation, he is the president and chairman of this holding company which is involved in real estate ventures.

US Presidential Election

Donald Trump took a surprise lead in the later stages of the 2016 presidential elections,he gained 20 electoral votes after winning Pennsylvania. The Democrats were counting on the two traditionally blue-collar states of Michigan and Wisconsin. To most of the people’s surprise both these states swung behind Donald Trump and eventually he won with a total of 276 total electoral votes.

Trump lived his early life in Queens, New York, he attended the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and graduated from there in 1968. He was already working in real estate business for his father Fred Trump’s company. Once he got control of his father’s business he made successful investments in building hotels, office towers, casinos, an urban development project in Manhattan, golf courses and numerous other branded facilities globally.

Besides his successful business career he also owned all or part of the Miss USA, Miss Universe, and Miss Teen USA beauty pageant from 1996 to 2015. He has also done a few cameo performances in television series and movies and also contested for the presidential nomination in 2000 from the Reform Party.

In 2004 Donald Trump started a reality TV series called “The Apprentice” on NBC, he was the host and also the co-producer of the series that aired till 2015. According to Forbes, Donald Trump is among the top 500 most wealthiest people around the world in 2016.

Donald Trump also appeared in several shows of the World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE as he is a fan of the show and friends with Vince McMahon. Many of the main events of WWE were hosted in Donald Trump properties including the Trump Plaza and Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. He even had a short rivalry on the show with Vince, Trump was challenged in a Hair Match, meaning the loser has to shave off his head, Vince lost and Trump shaved his head with clippers.

All aspects of Donald Trump’s life has gotten substantial amount of media exposure including his business, political views and personal life. He announced his candidacy for president in June 2015 from the Republican Party’s platform, he became the front-runner of Republican Party’s nomination quickly and in July 2016 he was officially nominated for the president when the remaining Republican candidates suspended their campaigns.

Due to his controversial and often false statements during his speeches, interviews and twitter he has gotten extensive media coverage both home and abroad. However, his direct and blatant approach towards sensitive issues has earned him a large following, he make outrageous promises which many experts say are not feasible in practical politics.

Major points focused by Donald Trump’s election campaign include opposing trade agreements like NAFTA and Trans-Pacific Partnership, negotiations of China-US trade agreements, strict immigration laws including the construction of wall on the Mexican border, removing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, tax cuts and veteran care.

Donald Trump has been severely criticised for his humiliating attitude towards the minorities, especially the Mexican community, he also suggested to ban all Muslims from coming to United States after the Paris attacks, later he changed his suggestion to banning countries harboring terrorism.
At least twelve women have accused Donald Trump for sexual harassment at different time throughout his life, after he announced his candidacy more women have come forward and accused him of sexula misconduct. Most recently two women have come forward and told a media outlet that Donald Trump groped and kissed them without consent or permission.

A few weeks earlier a news channel released a videotape in which Donald Trump can be heard boasting about his sexual advances on women without their consent. He made very obscene comments about women and is being strongly criticised for that, his campaign has taken a serious hit as a result.

However, Donald Trump released a video apologizing and assuring that he is not the same person anymore, his campaign office and him are trying to portray that the media is helping his opponent Hillary Clinton to run a smear campaign to hurt his reputation.

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