Cuban revolutionary icon Fidel Castro dies at the age of 90

Cuban revolutionary icon Fidel Castro dies at the age of 90


Havana: The revolutionary Cuban leader and former president of the country, Fidel Castro has died at the age of 90, he was running a communist state in United States backyard for decades.

The current president of Cuba and Fidel Castro’s brother, Raul Castro came on state television early on Saturday and announced his death.

Fidel Castro successfully lead the revolution of 1959, overthrowing the ruler Fulgencio Batista who was backed by the United States, he defended his regime against numerous attempts by United States to overthrow him, it was only after he lost his health that his brother took his position in 2006.

Fidel Castro’s legacy is hotly debated as for some he was dictator who was opposed to democracy and for others he was an iconic revolutionary and anti-imperialistic figure.

The first Cuban-American to be elected to Congress, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen said, “The day that the people, both inside the island and out, have waited for has arrived: A tyrant is dead and a new beginning can dawn on the last remaining communist bastion of the Western hemisphere…

Those who still rule Cuba with an iron grip may attempt to delay the island’s liberation, but they cannot stop it.”

Whereas Imran Khan, the former international cricketer and now the leader of the second largest political party in Pakistan tweeted, “Today the world has lost an iconic revolutionary leader Fidel Castro who liberated his nation from all vestiges of imperialism. Castro reasserted the Cuban nation’s dignity and self worth that withstood US aggression and became a global leader for anti colonial struggles.”

He further tweeted, “We in Pakistan will always remember with gratitude Cuba’s support on the ground in the aftermath of the 2005 earthquake.”

Narendra Modi, the Indian prime minister also shared his condolences with the people of Cuba, he also posted a tweet which read, “Fidel Castro was one of the most iconic personalities of the 20th century. India mourns the loss of a great friend.”

The actual cause of the death has not been disclosed yet, however president Raul Castro has announced that Fidel Castro’s remains will be cremated on Saturday.

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