Brazil Prison Riot: At least 33 killed by Drug Gang

Brazil Prison Riot: At least 33 killed by Drug Gang

Riots erupted in a prison in the Amazon region of Brazil and at least 33 prisoners have been killed according to the officials, this incident has occurred only a few days after the most brutal massacre in recent history when 56 inmates were slaughtered.

The incident occurred in the largest penitentiary of Roraima state on Friday, only little information is available on the incident. At least 10 people had been killed previously in the same prison as a result of fight between rival gangs.

The major reason for this rivalry is drug trafficking, there is a wave of violence erupting in prisons all across Brazil as one gang has butchered members of an enemy gang. The prison system in Brazil is controlled by the gangs and it is extremely difficult to control the violence once it erupts.

According to Uziel de Castro, a top security official of Roraima State the main culprit of this riot is the drug gang First Capital Command (PCC) which is based in Sao Paulo, the Estado de S.Paulo reported on their website.

The PCC gang started the riot on Friday as an act of revenge on their rival gang the North Family drug faction as most of the 56 prisoners who died near Amazon State were members of this PCC. Both of these gangs are fighting to take the largest share of cocaine trafficking from Colombia and Peru.

The North Family drug faction is affiliated with Brazil’s second most powerful drug gang the Red Command based in Rio de Janeiro.

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