Willesden shooting: Police obstructed ‘active terror plot’

Willesden shooting: Police obstructed ‘active terror plot’

British police said, it had a rate over a house in Willesden, where a woman shot injured, and six other men including a 16 years old boy has been arrested, these were intending to plot a terror attack in London.

The raid, at 7pm on Thursday on a house in Willesden, north-west London, saw CS gas fired into the property as police stormed in. It was carried out by elite counter-terrorism specialist firearms officers (CTSFO).

CTSFOs are trained and equipped to the standards of special forces units such as the SAS. Their firearms include SIG516 semi-automatic weapons and they regularly train alongside armed forces. These are specially trained for countering a troubled building under a crime scene.

Scotland Yard said the Willesden house had been “under observation by counter-terrorism officers as part of an ongoing intelligence-led operation”.

Deputy assistant commissioner of counter-terrorism force, Neil Basu, said the investigation “came to a head yesterday.” He added, “Highly trained firearms officers carried out a specialist entry … the armed entry was necessary due to the nature of the intelligence we were dealing with,” he said, “Two further arrests were made when a man and a woman, both aged 28, returned to the address late at night,” Basu said.

Alexandra Sabanov neighbour of the raided compound said, “I think they were around my age – I’m 28. They spoke English … It was English just like us, with a British accent; London, like us.”

Sabanov said she believed the couple had a child. “I could have sworn they had a baby, but now, with all this that’s happening, I’m not seeing the baby any more. Every morning, when I put my baby to sleep, I could hear their baby. I just thought they were a couple, just like me and my partner.”

“I said to my partner: ‘Do you think that’s police in there?’ Because there were three white guys, and as I walked past they started laughing. I thought, like, you weren’t really having such a great joke, but maybe they were trying to style it out because obviously I’m in the house right next door. I thought it was a bit dodgy.”

Sabanov said she had heard a woman “screaming really loud” shortly after the armed police arrived.

She said she thought the police were coming through her door, and saw officers with “gas masks and snipers”.

“We were just about to go shopping until we heard bang, bang, bang, bang, went to the window, and saw a number of armed police just there with their guns pointing at our next door neighbour’s window.

“We were really worried – I was screaming to my partner: ‘Armed police are here, oh my god, armed police,’ and then again we heard extra bangs, more bangs, so we assumed that’s when they were breaking the doors or something.

“They were in the garden – they were everywhere. They swarmed the whole house practically. I wasn’t even allowed in my garden; they were telling me: ‘[There’s] armed police, go inside.’”

Maxine McKenzie resident of this area said, “I heard gunshots, because they are unmistakable when you hear them,” she said. “I looked outside and there were lots of police, some plainclothes, some uniformed, obviously firearms officers.

“I saw them arrest somebody and they walked her down the road to here and handcuffed her and took her away.”

She said she had seen the officers lying in wait before the raid on her way home. “I thought: ‘Crikey, I wonder if somewhere’s going to get raided,’ and then literally 10 minutes later, all this.”

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