Wikipedia is Going to Build New Search Engine

Wikipedia is Going to Build New Search Engine


‘Wikimedia Foundation announced to build a new search engine to compete Google. “Knowledge Engine” the new search engine which is under consideration process will be the world’s second best search engine.

“The project will pave the way for non-commercial information to be found and utilized by internet users… it will make the Internet’s most relevant information more accessible and openly curated, and it will create an open data engine that’s completely free of commercial interests.” Wikimedia foundation told the media in a press briefing.

Last week Wikimedia foundation received a donation of $250,000 from Knight Foundation to build a stunning new search engine. The grant was awarded in September of previous year but it is announced just a week before. The new search engine named as “The Knowledge Engine” is powered by the information stored in the servers of wikipedia and other sister sites.

A few years back Google the most powerful and most famous search engine in the world has used show some of short description against many keywords on the search page resulting in the decrease of tons of traffic to some of the most popular website around the world including wikipedia. From that time wikipedia has decided to builds it’s own search engine.

In 2007 Wikipedia announced to create new search engine and the project was cancelled due to lack of user interest, now Wikimedia is trying their best to promote its new search engine. As Wikimedia foundation is not using any advertisement network on their websites, Wikipedia is donation based organization making thing better and ad free. Experts from all over the world extremely praises their efforts regarding an ad free search engine.

In response to Wikimedia search engine Google is going to remove some of the most annoying and unrelated ad boxes from their search results. Recently Google announced to remove right sidebar ads. Users are expecting more from Google.

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