WikiLeaks Has Released The Latest Batch of #Podesta33 Emails

WikiLeaks Has Released The Latest Batch of #Podesta33 Emails

John Podesta
John Podesta

The whistle blower organisation has just released the latest portion of John Podesta’s emails, who is the campaign chairman for the Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

The total number of released emails have now reached 55,600, wikileaks has been releasing batches of John Podesta’s email on daily basis, the publication of these emails started just a few weeks before the presidential elections.

Wikileaks has said that during the weekend a DoS attack was launched against their email publishing server. Yesterday the email batch had emails regarding Chelsea Clinton’s use of Clinton Foundation’s funds for her personal use.

The latest batch of emails contains emails of Hillary Clinton to her campaign chairman John Podesta in which she has given him instructions to use the illegal ivory smuggling by Chinese diplomats before Obama’s visit to Beijing as a leverage.

In the email Hillary Clinton writes, ““On China, I know you’ll be in Beijing next week, so am sending a news report about how Xi’s official party on its visit to Tanzania loaded up their planes w poached ivory, likely w full knowledge of Kikwete’s government. Please raise this issue directly w XI, both because it is critical on the merits but also because it’s another way you can gain some leverage with the Chinese.”

Although Wikileaks has published more than 50,000 leaked emails before the United States presidential election day, however is is yet to be seen what effect if any they have on the results of the election.

Regarding the new investigation by the FBI, its director James Comey has said that they have no found any evidence in the newly found emails that will make us change our previous conclusion.

Keep in mind that previously he had said that the FBI did not find any evidence supporting that Hillary Clinton had done anything of illegal or criminal nature.

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