White House requested FBI, for not disclosing the Trump’s, Russian relation

White House requested FBI, for not disclosing the Trump’s, Russian relation

Donald Trump said about the FBI that it was incapable to stop, the release of its internal information by its own members.

White House confirmed that one of its member had requested the FBI for refusing the Donald Trump’s administration’s continuous connections with Moscow secret agents in Russia, during the election campaign.

White House has admitted that the Chief of staff Reince Priebus said to the U.S federal secret agency FBI’s vice director, to refuse the New York Times news, in which the suspicious connection of Trump administration with the Russian secret agencies was told.

FBI straight away rejected the request of White House by saying that FBI will not say anything before the complete investigations of the case of Russian relations with the president Trump’s administration, and the investigations are not complete till yet international media said.

Meanwhile Donald Trump said that the institute FBI failed to stop the leakage of its internal secret information by the FBI members he said.

He said in a Tweet that FBI failed to stop Trump’s information leaked by its members against his government from the beginning.

Trump’s national security advisor, Gen Michael Flynn resigned after the allegations of connections, and telling U.S restrictions to the Russian officials.

FBI claimed that none of such request was made by White House, regarding the Trump government and Russians connection case.

White House press secretary Shawn Spicer rejected the CNN news, saying that it was not requested to refuse the blame, protecting the administration Spicer added, but White House just said to bring the truth out of it.

Trump criticized a lot the highlighting of media over this case and the institute involved in it the FBI, one of the most reliable institutes of the U.S, due to the relationship news of his administration with Russian authorities in Moscow.

Trump also blamed FBI and NSA for leaking his personal information publicly, which is an illegal act according to him, he also added that his information were released over media by these organisations.

U.S Intelligence agencies previously said that Russia tried to turn the U.S election in the Trump’s favour, but Russia refused the blame by saying that it is totally unauthentic blame.

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