White House had informal briefing, banned several news agencies

White House had informal briefing, banned several news agencies

White House did an informal press briefing, excluding some of the international news agencies from it, CNN, BBC, New York Times, and several others were banned to attend the press briefing by the Trump administration.

White House excluded several news agencies and newspapers, hence no reason was given for the ban, of attending the press briefing of White House secretary Shawn Spicer, by the U.S government.

This happened at the time when the U.S president Donald Trump in one of his former speech few days back, in which he said that the fake news are the enemy of the Americans.

Before this statement of him in his speech, Trump also much criticised CNN, and New York Times in past. On Friday Shawn Spicer called an informal press briefing in his office with some of the selected media groups, which is called the Giggle.

In this press briefing ABC News , Focus News, Breitbart News, Reuters, and Washington post were invited. Remember that Obama administration tried to exclude Focus News from Giggle.    

When Shawn Spicer was asked about the reason of not calling some of the major news agencies in the briefing, he replied that this act was done to maximize the poll of reporters.

He also said that White House is much concerned about the fake news, and is taking necessary steps to minimize such news.

Politico, BuzzFeed, and Daily Mail, were also not allowed in the press briefing, but CNN is the only U.S based major news agency, which was not invited in the briefing by Spicer.

Associated Press, USA Today, and Times Magazine did a boycott of this informal press briefing, by White House secretary Shawn Spice.

BBC reporter in Washington DC told that his institute was always allowed for the White House press conferences, but this time the ban over BBC would be asked in details from White House Press team.

During the informal briefing Giggle, by Spicer, he talked about the news that, Chief of staff Raynes Prabse said FBI chief to deny the Trumps connections with Russians during his election campaign.  

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