WhatsApp Allows Companies to Access Personal Data of Users

WhatsApp Allows Companies to Access Personal Data of Users


London: Now Companies across the UK can access to their employee’s Whatsapp account. Companies can access and read messages, videos, images shared by the employee. This order was issued by EU Court.


London: As cyber crimes and terrorism threat has been increasing over the internet day by day, the Government is planning and taking actions to expose every computer user to access their personal data, to check either any of them involved in cyber crime or terrorism. Government has also passed laws either hiddenly or visibly to protect the system and to keep an eye on every user. Now Court has decided and permitted the companies to access the personal data, messages, videos and images of its customers on whatsapp, which has become a social media application for Android, Windows and iOS phones. This application has become famous in couple of years.

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EU court has ordered the companies across the UK that they can read and access their employee’s WhatsApp messages. European Court of Human investigated a  case filed by a company,  that during working hours, companies can read the messages shared or privately sent to anyone via whatsapp and it is the right of every company.


A Romanian Company fired their employee on texting to his brother and fiancee, during working hours. He filed a case against this act in the Court. Court Judges said, employee exchanged official numbers with his brother and fiancee during working hours, that’s why it is a crime.


Experts said, this court decision has opened gate for each and every company of US to access the private data of their employees during working hours. The court has made it clear, when a person is working in the office, to look at him and to trace his every move is the responsibility of a Company. The company also inquire about the messages, sent by the employee. Eight Court judges were investigating the case, while one judge strongly opposed other and said, to it is against labour laws to access the personal data of someone during working hours.

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