Wall Farms: Now You Can Grow Your Own Crops On Your Kitchen Wall

Wall Farms: Now You Can Grow Your Own Crops On Your Kitchen Wall


Washington: A US company has made specially designed cupboards which can be used to grow everyday vegetables, and that is why they are being called “Wall Farms”.


This is not a new concept, the US space research center NASA has already worked on same kind of projects. In these projects NASA performed experiments to grow vegetables in the weightless environment of of space.


This company has used the results of these experiments and created a technology which will allow people to grow vegetables in small cupboards in their kitchens.


The company is called “Click & Grow” and it uses nanotech growing materials which provide the plants with the required amount of water, carbon dioxide and other important components.


The company has said, “The backbone of our technology is the specially developed nanomaterial Smart Soil that keeps the level of oxygen, water, pH and nutritional ingredients at an optimal level. The Smart Soil is made of natural renewable sources and is biodegradable. No Pesticides, Fungicides or Herbicides are used to grow the plants. The Wall farm also features ultra-efficient grow lights and electronic precision irrigation (EPI) that makes it possible to use up to 95% less water than traditional farming methods.”


A person just has to place the vegetables in the cupboard, and this automated farm will do the rest of the work itself. Click & Grow has said that the vegetables grown in these wall farms have more vitamins than earth grown vegetables, and the vegetables also grow 30% faster than usual.


A wall farm consisting of three over under compartments can be bought directly on the company’s website for $799, while an individual tray will cost you $199, however this does not include the price of plants and the special serum, you will have to buy it separately.

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