WADA Hacking: Hacktivist Group Release Second Batch Of Doping Data Of Athletes

WADA Hacking: Hacktivist Group Release Second Batch Of Doping Data Of Athletes

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A second batch of World Anti-Doping Agency’s medical data containing the doping information of 25 athletes belonging from Russia, Romania, Czech Republic, Britain, Denmark, Poland, Germany and United States has been released by a hacktivist group knowns as “Fancy Bear”.


Fancy Bear first released the lab results of doping tests of international athletes on September 13, now they have exposed 25 more athletes, one from Denmark, one from Poland, one from Romania, one from Russia, five from Great Britain, five from Germany and 10 from United States.


The hacktivist group gave a statement on twitter, “The list of doping addicts includes not only the athletes of the top Olympic teams but also those who compete for other countries.”


According to WADA the information was gained illegally by the hackers from the Anti-Doping Administration and Management System.


WADA also released a statement, ““The group has illegally gained access to ADAMS via an International Olympic Committee (IOC)-created account for the Rio 2016 Games. Confined to the Games, the account includes such confidential medical data as Therapeutic Use Exemptions delivered by International Sports Federations (IFs) and National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADOs). The group is releasing the data that it has obtained from this account in batches,”


Olivier Niggli, the Director General of WADA said, “WADA has no doubt that these ongoing attacks are being carried out in retaliation against the Agency, and the global anti-doping system, because of our independent Pound and McLaren investigations that exposed state-sponsored doping in Russia.”


Russia has denied any ties with the leaked information, the spokesperson for the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov said,


“It can be stated with all certainty that there is no involvement of the official Moscow, [Russian] government or special services in such actions. This is completely ruled out.


These unfounded allegations … do not honor any organization, if they are not backed by something substantial,” Peskov said. “I do not know whether those who came out with such statements possess any substantial arguments.”


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