US: Trump advisory may send 3,000 more troops to Afghanistan

US: Trump advisory may send 3,000 more troops to Afghanistan


Reports revealed that the US military officials and the Foreign Ministry has suggested to add another 3000 troops of army in Afghanistan, for the battle against militant groups of Taliban.

According to the recent recommendations of these US departments, the military leader will also regain the authority to manage airstrikes against Taliban in Afghanistan.

Military officials said that till yet the US president Donald Trump haven’t approved the addition in armed forces at Afghanistan, but hopefully he would do this, recommendations also demanded to send 3000 to 5000 more military troops of NATO.

At this time NATO has already deployed its 13000 military officers in Afghanistan, meanwhile US already sent a total 8400 soldiers to the country for the war against the pioneer militant group Taliban.

Even after completing their mission in 2014, special troops of US army are still deployed in Afghanistan for the training and help of Afghan forces.

In February, the commander of US troops in Afghanistan Gen John Nicholson told a Senate committee there was “a shortfall of a few thousand”.

He said he needed more troops to break a “stalemate”.

Army officials in Afghanistan demanding more military troops specially after the last month attack of Taliban in the country, that resulted the killing of 135 Afghan soldiers. Days after this furious attack Taliban also claimed the start of their new mission the “spring offensive.” which would be a revenge of the drone strike of last year that killed the Taliban leader Mullah Mansoori, over his name the upcoming terror plan of Taliban is also named as “Operation Mansoori.”

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