US Swimmer Agrees to Pay $11,000 To Charity To Avoid Prosecution

US Swimmer Agrees to Pay $11,000 To Charity To Avoid Prosecution


Rio: According to the US media outlets the US Olympic swimmer James Feigen has agreed to pay $11,000 to a charitable organisation in Brazil, he was among the four swimmers who lied about being robbed during the Olympics.


Besides Feigen the others included Ryan Lochte, Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz, the US Olympic committee has apologized from the people of Brazil.


The US swimmers had claimed that on Sunday they were robbed at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro however the CCTV footage showed that the story was fabricated  and they themselves were involved in a fight a petrol pump.


Ryan Lochte had already left Brazil on Tuesday however James Feigen is still under the custody of police and has agreed to pay $11,000 thousand dollars to a charity in Brazil to get his passport back.


The chief of police told the journalists that more than one athlete was involved in the incident at the petrol pump and later they offered money to as compensation for the damage they has caused.


He said the athletes offered to pay for damages when armed guards appeared, one of the guard did point his gun towards an athlete after which they left.


The police was also called but the athletes had already left.


The other two teammates Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger were taken off from the plane on Thursday night and were investigated. They left Rio de janeiro for US later on Friday.


The US Olympic committee has called this behavior unacceptable and have said that these actions do not represent values of the US team.


According to the Brazilian police the athletes fabricated the story of robbery to hide the fact that they had caused damage in a petrol pump.


The police chief has said that the athletes can face criminal charges for constantly changing their statements and damaging private property.


Ryan Lochte has posted his apology on his Instagram page, he said, “I want to apologize for my behavior last weekend—for not being more careful and candid in how I described the events of that early morning and for my role in taking the focus away from the many athletes fulfilling their dreams of participating in the Olympics.”


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