US: successfully test drops Nuclear gravity bomb

US: successfully test drops Nuclear gravity bomb

After the surprise of “Mother Of All Bombs,” the US National Nuclear Security Administration announced the successful field test of the modernized gravity nuclear bomb in Nevada.

The test was managed to evaluate the weapon’s “non-nuclear functions” and the capability of the F-16 fighter jet if it can successfully deploy the bomb.

The NNSA is part of the Department of Energy, which is charged with managing US nuclear weapons, its principal assistant deputy administrator for military application, Brigadier General Michael Lutton said, “The successful test provides critical qualification data to validate that the baseline design meets military requirements.”


Three successful development flight tests of the B61-12 were conducted in year 2015. This test was the first one in bringing the final design review due in September 2018 and the first production unit is scheduled by March 2020.

Brian Becker the director of the anti-war coalition said, “In order to placate his critics, in the media and in politics, Trump has given a blank check to his generals. So they are having a grand time right now, and they are testing all the weapons they’ve been wanting to test, but not been able to.”

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