US President Trump says I’d be ‘honored’ to meet North Korea’s Kim Jong Un

US President Trump says I’d be ‘honored’ to meet North Korea’s Kim Jong Un


US President Donald Trump said that in right circumstances he would be honored to meet the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

On Monday during an interview Trump said, “If it would be appropriate for me to meet with him, I would absolutely, I would be honored to do it,” Trump added, “If it’s under the, again, under the right circumstances. But I would do that.”

“Most political people would never say that,” he said. “But I’m telling you under the right circumstances I would meet with him.”

A day before Trump claimed that the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is a clever and worse situation tackling leader, saying him a Kim is a “smart cookie.”

These praising statements of Trump are arising at the time when both countries are having a much tensed relations due to the growing nuclear programme of North Korea.

After such statements of Trump White House released a clarifying statement explained that for such meeting with US president North Korea has to agree over several conditions.

White House spokesman White House press secretary Sean Spicer over this statement of Trump justified on Monday that the US would first need to see changes in North Korean behavior before a peaceful talk.

“We’ve got to see their provocative behavior ratcheted down immediately,” Spicer said. “Clearly, the conditions are not there right now.”

“He assumed power at a young age when his father passed,” Spicer said. “There was a lot of potential threats that could have come his way. He’s managed to lead a country forward, despite the concerns that we and so many people have. He is a young person to be leading a country with nuclear weapons.”

Spicer said that US wants North Korea to leave its arrogant behaviour.

In an interview on Sunday Trump was asked that what he thinks about the North Korean Kim Jong Un, He explained that people asks that whether Kim’s mental condition is healthy or not, Trump said that he is 27 years old young guy who after the death of his father had faced a lot of difficulties and resistance in between his own country, from the generals and other opponents of his family’s dictatorship.

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