US Justice Department ‘will not charge police officers in killing of Alton Sterling’ black guy

US Justice Department ‘will not charge police officers in killing of Alton Sterling’ black guy

US justice department has decided to place no charges over two white police man who are the suspects of a black guy’s killing by shooting, last year in Louisana state.

In video footage the victim Alton Sterling has been push to fall on ground by these police men and shooted him, after which massive protests were held in Baton Rouge for several days.

This decision before reaching the victim’s family has been leaked by media groups, after which people started to gather around the place(shop) where this incident happened last year.

Tuesday night vigil was organised for Alton Sterling victim of this killing by a crowd near the police station.

The civil rights investigation was opened soon after the 37-year-old was killed outside the grocery shop he was selling CDs.

After which around 2000 black people who were participating in the protests against this killing had been arrested which caused a division of many communities racely.

This important decision of this hot topic, that both white police suspects would not be charged in this case by the Federal court came at the time when the US government changed and the recent appointed Attorney General Jeff Session in Trump administration.

Meanwhile the Louisiana state can also appeal against this decision in their own state.

At the time of this killing public called police at the spot telling that a man with a gun is harrassing people outside a shop, video footage revealed that these two policemen were struggling to have a control over this guy in red shirt after which one of them pushed him to throw him towards ground, and then he pressed his arms by his legs and pointed a gun towards the fallen black man. After which the voice of a gunfire came and the camera at once turned to other direction.

Police said that they used a stun gun t control this guy, police saw a gun inside his pocket and he was intending to bring the gun out during his fight with police meanwhile policemen opened fire over this man for the sack of self defense, police said.

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