US installed anti missile system “Thaad” is now operational in South Korea

US installed anti missile system “Thaad” is now operational in South Korea

US army said the controversial anti missile system Thaad after its install in South Korea has now operational, which is meant for the defence of South Korea from the growing threat of North Korea’s nuclear missile developments.

Meanwhile officials revealed that its complete operational capability will take few more months, as the Korean Peninsula region is having a war threat after the North Korea’s rude statements, and the deployment of US submarine along the strike group Carl Vinson in the area.

On Monday fighter jets of US and South Korea did a combined exercises, which were told as the routine exercise.

Days back after the announcement of US to instal an anti missile system Thaad in South Korea, massive protests occurred in S Korea against this install in South Korea.

Many of the South Koreans believed that the install of Thaad in their country will be a clear message of war with North Korea, putting the South Koreans in danger.

China also opposed the install of Thaad in South Korea, as it said the radar system of this system will be affecting their own military operation’s security.

US military officials in South Korea said that Thaad is operational and is capable to protect South Korea from the North Korea’s missile fire.

Which explained that till yet Thaad is operational over basic requirements, while the placement of several other parts this year will increase its capability.

Due to the continuous violation of UN laws by the North Korea, in the past month US relations with North Korea became worse, several harsh statements from both governments came which made the situation as much worse.

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