University Student killed over ‘blasphemy’ in campus at Mardan Pakistan

University Student killed over ‘blasphemy’ in campus at Mardan Pakistan

A 23 years old Pakistani student was beaten to death by a mob at his university campus on Thursday, after he was accused of sharing blasphemous content on social media, university and police officials said.

A mob of around 10 other fellow students of his university were saying “Allah o Akbar” and remain beating the fellow student brutally, until the terrible death of the student Mashal Khan. this happened at the Abdul Wali Khan University campus in Mardan a city of KPK province.

A mob of dozens of students attacked a hostel room of Mishal Khan and started beating him along two other fellows, he died at the spot, meanwhile the two others are severely injured by this.

Eyewitness told that, “The mob later fired at the tortured body of Mashal Khan and attempted to set the dead body on fire,” police reached the incident to stop this crime.

Mashal had been accused of running Facebook pages “which allegedly published blasphemous content,” Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Mardan Police, Mohammed Alam Shinwari said, “The charged students then wanted to burn his body,” before the interruption of police, Shinwari added.

Mardan police reported the arrest of 45 student till yet who were supposed to be involved in the intentional killing of Mashal Khan, meanwhile the DCO of Mardan said that three police teams are deployed over the arrest of remaining suspect identified by the video.

The U.S. State Department mentioned the issue in its latest travel advisory for Pakistan on Wednesday. “Sectarian violence remains a serious threat throughout Pakistan, and the government of Pakistan continues to enforce blasphemy laws,” the advisory said. “Religious minority communities have been victims of targeted killings and accusations of blasphemy.”

Senior police official Niaz Saeed told the AFP news, “He was badly tortured after being shot at a close range… He was beaten with sticks, bricks and hands.”

Mashal’s teachers teacher said, “He was brilliant and inquisitive, always complaining about the political system of the country, but I never heard him saying anything controversial against the religion.”

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