United States Is Saving The Rebel Groups In Syria: Russia

United States Is Saving The Rebel Groups In Syria: Russia


Moscow: The Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has told media that United States wants to save a jihadi group involved in an armed struggle to put the current president of Syria, Bashar Al-Assad out of power.


Sergei Lavrov said that the United States has promised they will separate the Jabhat al Fateh group from the rest of extremist and moderate separatist groups.


He also defended Russian and Syrian bombing in Aleppo, the Jabhat al Fateh group is an Al-Qaeda related jihadi group in Syria.


Sergei Lavrov also said US has failed to do this despite frequent reminders and promises, it seems either they are not able to do so or they do not want to do so. Now we are sure that US wants to save the Al-Nusra group to use it as an alternative plan to put them in power if Syrian government topples.


The latest agreement between US and Russia meant for the combined action against the so-called Islamic State and Jabhat al Fateh al Sham group.


But many of the moderate rebel groups have formed an alliance with the comparatively powerful group Al Fateh al Sham.


The Russian foreign minister said he thinks that the agreement between the United States and Russia should be acted upon.


The United Nations has said more than 400 people have been killed due to the bombing by the Syrian and Russian forces including women and children.


Lavrov insisted that Russia is supporting the Assad regime to fight against the terrorists.


He blamed western countries for keeping quite when people of Aleppo were killed by the Al Nusra fighters and they had blocked all the aid meant for Syria.


He said the war was stopped many times this year, sometimes for 48 hours and sometimes for 72 hours, he said every time these stoppages were used to send fresh fighters of Al Nusra group to Aleppo.


When asked about the Russian use of bunker busting missiles and phosphorus bombs, Sergei Lavrov said if that happened then he is truly sorry.


But he denied these allegations and said there is no substantial evidence to prove this and more investigation is required in this matter.

He said Russia is not using any weapons or explosives which are banned by the United Nations.

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