United States Announced New Policy on Drone Attacks

United States Announced New Policy on Drone Attacks


Washington: United States of American announced new policy on drone attacks on different parts of the world to minimize the civilian casualties.

According to the American broadcasting service Organization of freedom of US citizens American Civil Liberator Union (ACLU) has presented a report on the civilian casualties in drone attacks to the American President Barack Obama.

Drone attacks are also vital part of the war against terrorism in the middle east and other countries the report also admitted.

A policy statement issued by the American president Barack Obama has ordered American forces to use lethal weapons very very carefully to avoid any collateral damage. American forces should have hundred present confirm reports of presence of terrorist before any type of unman attack.

American authorities has said that American forces and CIA used drones to kill terrorists in Pakistan, Afghanistan and other Asian countries. Many of the people killed in the attacks were terrorists but some of them were innocent who has no connection with any type of terrorist activity.

A report issued by the White House last month revealed that more than 2600 terrorists and 116 civilian killed in the on going operation against terrorists. However, critics has said that number of civilian deaths in the war on terror is far more than 116. American senator has submitted a report described that more than 4700 innocent civilians killed in the attacks.

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