UN reveals: stuck civilians in Mosul are facing high ‘grave danger’

UN reveals: stuck civilians in Mosul are facing high ‘grave danger’

UN official in Iraq reveals that in the series of final attacks over Mosul city by Iraqi forces to target the ISIS militants, the most affected are the civilians.

Iraq the UN coordinator Lise Grande told media that the militant troops in the country called Dolate Islamia is directly harming the civilian resident families in the area, due to which most of the civilians in Iraq are having a high life threat.

As she told people inside this area are already facing the cut off of the electricity and water supplies, Iraqi army said that the recent attacks by them over Dolate Islamia were much effective ones.

Iraqi forces told that they are already engaged in taking back the control of the forts inside old Mosul city from these IS militants.

Hundred thousands of residents evacuated since the operation against Dolata Islamia in Mosul city started since last year October. Meanwhile lise Grande said that the final sweep of these militants from Mosul would be the most difficult ones.

She said “ civilians were at highest risk during this operation as Dolat Islamia is directly targeting to the resident families while there attempt of escape from the war zone, and electricity and water supplies are already affected in this city.”

UN coordinator Lisa said that “all evidences points the maximum amount of threat to the civilians in Mosul city.”

Iraqi government claimed the retake of Mosul city till past January, but till yet the western side of Mosul could not be freed from militants, this month US coalition forces officials stated that the amount of militants in Mosul city remained i n just few thousands, and i n October it was calculated that the number of militants in Mosul city lies between 3500 to 6000 only.

United Nations revealed that during this war around eight thousand civilians were killed, and these are only the one that were brought to the hospitals, Iraqi army does not released any figure of casualties, meanwhile the US General stated that around 774 Iraqi soldiers were killed, and around 4600 were injured in this war.

Due to this war 0.58 million civilians were forced to leave their homes to migrate towards some safe places out of which around 0.49 million were from the west Mosul.

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