Turkish diplomats applied asylum in Germany

Turkish diplomats applied asylum in Germany


Last month Ukraine court rejected the request of deporting 8 army officers from the country, Germany told, that after the propaganda of the Turkey against the government several Turkish diplomats seeking asylum in Germany, country has received around 136 applications of these Turkish diplomats till yet.

Germany told that this is only the figure from August 2016 till January 2017 only. Turkish government told Germany for refusing all the asylum application from the Turkish army officers. Turkish soldiers deployed at the German Netub army base are also among the asylum seekers in Germany. Two of the army officers also applied asylum in Ukraine, these two soldiers were also involved in the government toppling propaganda as well.

Last week at the border of Turkey and Ukraine these two soldiers were arrested by Ukraine police, after their request for asylum in Ukraine.

Last month Ukraine court orders of not deporting the eight soldiers of Turkey, are being appealed by the Turkish government.

Germany Interior ministry haven’t disclosed the list of these 136 Turkish people, who applied for the political asylum in Germany. This is not clear till yet, if any of the these asylum seekers were sheltered by Germany.

Turkish government had already dismissed around 3000 army officials till yet, which were involved in the government toppling. Meanwhile government also arrested around 18000, in the military coup. 66000 government officials were also dismissed in the case and 50K passports are cancelled till yet.

Except this 124 media organisations closed by the government in this case, and several journalists are in police custody.

Turkey’s president Rajb Ardavan blames Fateh Ullah Golan for the government toppling, but on the other side Fateh ullah Golan haven’t took the responsibility of this act in Turkey against the ruling government.

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