Turkey referendum: Erdogan declares victory, opposition demands recount

Turkey referendum: Erdogan declares victory, opposition demands recount


Istanbul, Turkey had its historical referendum, which resulted the win of AK party leader and the President of Turkey, Mr Tayyip Erdogan, he is once again selected by the majority population of the country, Leaders claimed victory for the “Yes” campaign in the referendum to amend the country’s constitution and grant the presidential office new executive powers.

President Tayyip Erdogan declared victory in a referendum on Sunday, which provides him much more power as being the President of the state, and he could also stay as a President of Turkey till 2029, meanwhile the opposers of Tayyip said that these countings were suspicious and they will definitely challenge the results of this referendum.

Mr Erdogan told reporters at his official residence, the Huber Palace in Istanbul,  “Today, Turkey has taken a historic decision,” he added, “With the people, we have realised the most important reform in our history.”

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a news conference in Istanbul, said, “I pray the outcome will bring auspiciousness to our country,” he further added, “The president will serve the country bearing in mind one nation, one flag, one state… The referendum is over and the debate prior to that is over.”

He got a victory by 51 percent votes of “yes” votes in his favour, to empower him. Turkish people by this referendum has empowered the presidential powers of Tayyip Erdogan, simultaneously the Prime minister’s office would be working under the presidential orders as being a supreme power by this referendum.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said, “There is no loser in this referendum, but only one winner, Turkey and its noble Turkish people.”

“We are all brothers and sisters in a single body standing against traitors,” Prime Minister Yildirim said at AK Party’s headquarters while his address to celebrating supporters.

“Thank you Turkey, thank you my holy nation… the nation said the last word and said ‘Yes’.”

Supporters of Tayyip Erdogan says that his empowerment will result a stable growth to Turkey, meanwhile the opposers of him said that this may lead the country towards dictatorship.

Thousands of his supporters gathered outside president’s Huber Palace to celebrate Erdogan’s win. Turkey having a division of two types of people, the celebrating public and the protestors against this result as well. The CHP has demanded a recount of 60% of the votes.

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