Trump: US will alone solve North Korea if China fails

Trump: US will alone solve North Korea if China fails

President Donald Trump said that U.S with or even without China, alone will solve North Korea’s illegal nuclear developments if China fails to cease it. He in an interview to the Financial Times FT, he said “Well, if China is not going to solve North Korea, we will,” further explaining the way he will tackle North Korea he added: “I’m not going to tell you. You know, I am not the United States of the past where we tell you where we are going to hit in the Middle East.”

When Trump was asked that could U.S alone handle North Korea, Trump replied “Totally.”

This statement of Trump over North Korean issue came at the time of Chinese President President Xi Jinping’s visit to U.S this week. Trump said “China has great influence over North Korea. And China will either decide to help us with North Korea, or they won’t. And if they do that will be very good for China, and if they don’t it won’t be good for anyone.”

Media asked Trump whether it could be “one-on-one” unilateral action, he said: “I don’t have to say any more.”

When president was asked about the kind of support from China in North Korean issue, Trump stated, “I think trade is the incentive. It is all about trade.”

Christopher Hill, the former US ambassador to South Korea alarmed Trump for his intentions, “The options for solving it on our own are not very attractive and they often flow to the military side, which needless to say is fraught with danger.”

Robert Kelly, a professor at Pusan National University in South Korea, said after Trump’s one on one battle with N Korea, “America’s options are pretty poor, the North Koreans have been preparing for an American airstrike since the end of the Korean war in the 1950s,” he said. “They have been tunnelling for decades and have put a lot of strategic assets deep inside mountains. Any serious campaign would almost certainly not be surgical. It would take days, maybe weeks.”

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