Trump’s revised travel ban dealt first legal strike by Wisconsin court

Trump’s revised travel ban dealt first legal strike by Wisconsin court


A federal judge in Wisconsin has temporarily barred the revised executive order of US president Donald Trump from denying a wife and child of a Syrian refugee from entering United States, they had already been granted asylum.

The order by US District Judge William Conley’s order is specifically for the Syrian refugee family, the wife and child are still stuck in miserable conditions in Aleppo. The identity of the family has not been revealed.

This is the first case legal hurdles that could be faced by the Trump administration when it comes to implementing the revised ban which was issued on March 6 and will take effect on March 16.

Judge Conley was appointed by former president Barack Obama, he said that if the family of the plaintiff remains in Syria they face extreme threats to their wellbeing. The plaintiff himself has come to United States in 2014, he was facing certain death at the hands of sectarian groups in Syria.

The judge wrote in his decision: “The court appreciates that there may be important differences between the original executive order, and the revised executive order. As the order applies to the plaintiff here, however, the court finds his claims have at least some chance of prevailing for the reasons articulated by the courts.”

His wife and daughter were also given asylum and were expected for their final processing when the first travel ban stopped them in their tracks on January 27.

The revised order has excluded Iraq from the original list of seven countries which now include Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, a temporary travel ban has been put on these countries prohibiting their citizens from travelling to US for 120 days.

Large scale protests erupted after the first ban and it created massive confusion across the airports across the country, finally nationwide federal court order blocked its further implementation.

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