Trump-Putin both agrees to halt the Syrian war

Trump-Putin both agrees to halt the Syrian war

US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin have agreed for a ceasefire to halt the long running war in Syria.

After the last month US airstrike in Syria this is the first time that both leaders had a telephonic discussion over Syria and North Korean issues.

According to media reports both leaders had a pleasant and meaningful conversation over several important issues. Trump and Putin discussed the North Korean and Syrian issues along the time of the next possible meeting of these both leaders.

Last month relations between the both states were tensed after the chemical attack in Syria, which US president Trump said was done by the Syrian leader Assad, meanwhile Russians blamed this attack over the Syrian Rebels.

White House in its recent statement said that all parties in Syria should now cease the further bloodshed in Syria, meanwhile these countries should work over the permanent peace maintenance in Syrian Republic.

Russia said that purpose of this discussion was to create the suitable environment in Syria for a long term peaceful future.

White House said that both leaders also discussed the most bold issue of these days the North Korean conspiracy, and the ways to solve it.

In July at the coming G20 conference it is expected that the both leaders will be meeting for the first time in Trump’s presidency.

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