Trump Denies All Harassment Claims Against Him

Trump Denies All Harassment Claims Against Him


Washington: The Republican nominee for president Donald Trump has said that all the sexual harassment claims against him are completely false.

Do note that last week a video was released in which Trump could be heard making vulgar and obscene comments about women. He apologized about his comments and said that these comments do not represent who he actually is.

However, two women have come forward and told New York Times that Donald Trump groped and kissed them without their consent.

Later on during his speech to his supporters in Florida, Trump said that the allegations put forward by these women are totally false.

He said the media is helping Hillary Clinton by trying to defame him and accusing him of harassment.

Previously president Barack Obama and his wife Michele Obama said during their address in Hampshire that Trump’s comments about women are humiliating and hateful.

They said a leader should fulfill the requirements of basic courteous behavior.

Jessica Leads from New York said she was sitting next to Donald Trump during a flight when he started to touch her, she said he was like an octopus, his hands were everywhere and this was a sexual attack.

Jessica and the other woman did not report the incident to the police but they did tell their friends and family.

Another woman named Mindy McGilvray told Palm Beach Post newspaper that in 2003 when she was just 23 years old, Donald Trump grabbed her inappropriately.

Her partner Kane Davidoff confirmed and said Mindy Thad told her about this incident.

Donald Trump was already facing a lot of heat due to his comments about women, now these multiple accusations have given his opposition a chance to prove that it was not just locker room chat like he says, instead he actually does what he says.

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