Trump congratulates Erdogan over empowerment, by Turkey referendum

Trump congratulates Erdogan over empowerment, by Turkey referendum

Donald Trump has congratulated Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on his victory in Sunday’s referendum in Turkey, which brought him sweeping new powers.

The US president’s phone call distinctively from European concern regarding the suspicious results of this referendum, as opposers of Erdugan, already demanded the recount after his victory of him by a 51.4% in favour the “yes” for the changes made to empower the Presidential powers, which created a division in whole Turkish society.

Mr Erdogan has rejected criticism from international monitors, which were claiming that in this referendum an “unequal campaign” favour was granted to Erdugan. Mr Erdogan told supporters that Turkey did not “see, hear or acknowledge the politically motivated reports” of the monitors.

The main opposition party is launching an appeal to invalidate the result. Erdugan could stay as a Turkish President up to 2029, by this new empowerment.

Turkey to respect the rights of its citizens and their with sentiments in European capitals, Trump said.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that the “tight referendum result shows how deeply divided Turkish society is and that means a big responsibility for the Turkish leadership and for President Erdogan personally”.

The French president’s office warned that any referendum as “obviously be a break with values and engagements” that Turkey had already accepted for joining the Council of Europe. The president of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, tweeted.


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