Top Ten Things To Do In Germany

Top Ten Things To Do In Germany

With Berlin as its capital, Germany is located in the western Europe and it has a terrain of mountain ranges and rivers, enormous forests and over two thousand years of history. The capital is famous for its prospering art scene, spectacular nightlife and several historic sites relating to WW II. Munich is another famous German city and it is well known globally for the Oktoberfest.

Here are the top ten best places to visit or activities to do while on your trip to Germany.

10. Englischer Garten

Meaning the English Garden in English and created in 1789 by Sir Benjamin Thompson, the Englischer Garten is one of the largest public parks in Europe. It is spread across an area of 3.7 sq kilometers which is larger than New York’s Central Park. It is located in the middle of Munich Bavaria.

The main attractions for tourists include a Japanese Garden and a Japanese teahouse located at the southern part of the English Gardens. Other attractions include the Schonfeld Wiese and its surroundings, Steinerne Bank and a spot for surfing.

Englischer Garten

9. Mercedes-Benz Museum

The Mercedes-Benz Museum covers an area of 16,500 square meters and it is located in Stuttgart, Germany. The museum features more than 1,500 exhibits and 160 automobiles. The Mercedes-Benz Museum documents almost one hundred and thirty years of automobile history starting from the very beginning to the modern day.

The museum offers a two hour long tour of the facility which provides an up close journey through automotive history. The upper levels of the museum can take visitors back to 1886, and from where the tour continues throughout the museum.

Mercedes-Benz Museum

8. Heidelberg Castle

The Heidelberg Castle is a ruin located in Germany and is considered one of the most important Renaissance structures in Europe. The castle was originally built in 1214 and it was almost demolished in the 17th and 18th centuries. It is located on the Konigstuhl hillside almost 80 meters up its northern part.

The Heidelberg Castle has been home to many famous kings and rulers across the centuries, they include Frederick V known as the water king, Elizabeth Charlotte, Princess Palatine, Charles de Graimberg and many more. A visit to the Heidelberg Castle is must for any body interested in german history.

Heidelberg Castle

7. Neuschwanstein Castle

Commissioned by Ludwig II of Bavaria, the Neuschwanstein Castle is a magnificent palace located on a hill above the village of Hohenschwangau in the southwest Bavaria, Germany. Ludwig built the palace with his own money and he borrowed heavily instead of using the Bavarian public funds.

An estimated of 61 million people have visited the Neuschwanstein Castle since 1886 when it was made public. The annual number of visitor are 1.3 million which makes at least 6,000 visitors daily. The Neuschwanstein Castle is also featured in numerous movies also.

Neuschwanstein Castle2

6. Reichstag Building

The Reichstag Building is a historical structure located in Berlin, Germany and its major purpose was to house the Imperial Diet of Germany. This building was housed the Diet until 1993, when it was set on fire and got severely damaged. The building has been out of use since World War II.

The building was repaired a little bit in 1960s, but it was the 90s when a full restoration began by Norman Foster and was completed in 1999 and it also the German parliament also started to use the building in the same year.

Reichstag Building

5. Zugspitze

The tallest peak of the Wetterstein Mountains, Zugspitze stands 2,962 meters tall above the sea level and it is also the highest peak in Germany. It is located on the border of Austria and Germany and there are three glaciers near the mountain, two of which are the largest glaciers in Germany.

Visitors can ride on top of the Zugspitze in one of the three cable cars that run there and these cable cars take almost 500,000 people on top of the summit annually. There is a weather station located along with a research station which are engaged in climate research.


4. Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall was a notorious structure which divided Germany into two parts from 1961 to 1989. The wall has armed guarded towers as the Eastern Germany said that the purpose of the wall was to protect its population from the effects of socialist practices of west Germany.

As a result of extreme changes in the political ideologies of the Eastern block and weeks of civil unrest the East German government allowed its citizens to visit West Germany and a huge population gathered along the wall and in the coming weeks took down the wall piece by piece.

Berlin Wall

3. Museum Island

The Museum Island is located in the middle of Berlin city on an island in River Spree, and it host five world famous museums which hold ancient and historic artifacts, such as the bust of Pergamon Altar and the bust of Nefertiti.

The five museums on the island are the Pergamon Museum, the Bode Museum, the Neues Museum, the Alte Nationalgalerie and the Altes Museum. The museums allow free tours to teenagers and children under the age of 18.

Museum Island

2. Cologne Cathedral

The Cologne Cathedral is the most biggest churches of the Northern Europe and it is the seat of administration of the Archdiocese of Cologne and the Archbishop of Cologne. It is a spectacular example of Gothic Architecture and Catholicism. It was declared as a part of the World Heritage Site by the U.N.

The Cologne Cathedral is the most popular attraction of Germany and almost 20,000 people visit the cathedral each day. One of its most beautiful and awe inspiring feature is the two spires that are 157 meters tall. The construction of the cathedral started in 1248 and was finished in the 19th century.

Cologne Cathedral

1. Brandenburg Gate

Undoubtedly the most famous landmark of Germany, the Brandenburg Gate is a beautiful example of the neoclassical architecture of the 18th century. It is located on the start of the road that went from Berlin to Brandenburg.

Frederick William II of Prussia ordered the building of the gate and it was built by the famous architect Carl Gotthard Langhans. The Brandenburg Gate required massive restoration after it was heavily damaged during the second World War.

Brandenburg Gate

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