Top 7 Best Extensions for Magento 2 Websites

Top 7 Best Extensions for Magento 2 Websites

Meanwhile, Magento 2 has been out for two years. Last year you saw the market quietly shift from Magento 1 to Magento 2. This also applies to the extension developers. For me a reason to make a list of the 10 best Magento 2 extensions of the moment.

1. Mega Menu
The necessity of a well-functioning and above all transparent main menu for a website is apparent. If your customer can not find products, he cannot buy anything. With the extension Mega Menu for Magento 2, you can get a lot out of your menu. For us, this extension is a must because in this way we can offer website visitors more than just references to the categories. Think of references to the top 5 products, to subcategories or other individual deep links.

2. Improved Layered Navigation
The better a customer can navigate through your website, the faster that customer can reach the desired product. And so: a quicker conversion. Improved Magento 2 layered navigation extension that makes navigation through a website a piece of cake. Thanks to the extension, website visitors can filter in the sometimes thousands of products, for example by brand, color or size. And it also produces clean URLs. Ideal for your SEO. This extension should not be missing in the top 10. Please note that you do not display too many filters, which is counterproductive. After all, nobody wants choice stress.

3. Product Labels
In an offer of up to a thousand products, it is essential to apply shades. For example, if a product is on sale or if only a few products are in stock. Product Labels gives you the possibility to make products stand out. With this extension, you can create labels (automatically generated and homemade) to give attention to products of your choice.

4. Advanced SEO Suite
A website can not do without this Magento 2 extension. Advanced SEO Suite gives you all the tools to optimize your site for search engines fully. Do you have 404s? Then you can create redirects with the extension. You can also create dynamic sitemaps and templates for, for example, product pages where you can automatically load text via variables. The Autolinks option is also handy: you can change your chosen words into a link in no time. Do you want to score well on Google with your website? Then you can not actually do without this extension.

5. Page Cache Warmer
No customer wants to wait long before he can buy a product. It is therefore vitally important that your website has a fast loading time. And that Page Cache Warmer helps you with that. In the backend, this extension maps which pages are frequently visited and ensures that they are ‘warmed up’ (i.e., already visited and thus end up in the cache).

6. Shipping Table Rates
Do you sell products with, for example, a different length or a high weight? Then it is useful to be able to present separate shipping options (and corresponding rates). The Shipping Table Rates extension exists for this. You can set a different shipping rate per attribute. This can be per product or per product group. In this way, you not only create clarity for your customer but also for yourself as a website owner.

7. MailChimp for Magento 2
Suppose you have an extension that links your data from Magento 2 seamlessly and real-time to MailChimp. This way you can organize your automation mails perfectly. A birthday mail with a cheerful congratulation? Shake a customer because there are still items in his shopping cart? Or automatically send a mail with a thank you when a customer orders above a certain amount? That is no problem with MailChimp for Magento 2.

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