Top 10 Unexplained Photographs

Top 10 Unexplained Photographs

The internet is full of fake photographs claiming all types of mysteries but with the help of little research these can be proven wrong. But every now and then certain photographs come up which are truly unexplainable.

10. The Babushka Lady

A middle aged woman can be seen holding a video camera and taking photographs at the scene of Kennedy’s assassination, authorities tried to find out about her identity but could not succeed.


9. The Hook Island Sea Monster

Taken at the cost of Stonehaven Bay in Hook Island, Queensland by Robert Le Serrec and his wife, these pictures could be easily accused of being photoshopped if they were not taken in 1964.


8. The Hessdalen Lights

Some students and teachers captured these rarely seen and unexplained lights in the Hessdalen Valley of Norway in 2007.


7. The Extra Thumb

This picture shows four kids standing side by side and all of their limbs are accounted for except a thumb which sticking out of the side of the head of the kid in black. The photo has been tested and declared original.


6. The Solway Firth Spaceman Mystery

Jim Templeton took this photo of his daughter while out on picnic with his wife. Jim said he never saw the mysterious spaceman seen in the photo and neither did his wife.


5. The Unwanted Dinner Guest

The Cooper family took this picture when they moved into their new house. After the photo was developed an upside down hanging body can clearly be seen which was not present at the time when the photo was taken.


4. Black Knight the Alien Satellite

According to legend this dark object has been orbiting the earth since 13,000 years beaming signals to the earth. Inspected by some NASA scientists, rumors of this object began circulating in the early 50s.


3. The Phoenix lights

A series of unidentified flying objects, the Phoenix lights were seen in the skies of Arizona by thousands of people. One incident featured a triangular pattern while the second and last one featured a straight line pattern.

The Phoenix-lights-top10-unexplained-photographes

2. The Mystery of Hinterkaifeck Murders

This Mystery of this picture is due to the fact that it depicts one of the six people murdered in Hinterkaifeck Germany in the summer of 1922. These murders remained a mystery even after long investigations.


1. Freddy Jackson’s Ghost

This group photo shows the pictures of an air mechanic Freddy Jackson sitting in the top row fourth from the left. The disturbing thing is that this photo was taken on the day of his funeral.


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