Top 10 Things to do in San Diego

Top 10 Things to do in San Diego

Known for its warm climate, sandy beaches and parks, San Diego City is located on the pacific coast of California. Main attractions of San Diego are the world famous San Diego Zoo and a large number or art galleries, gardens, artist studios and museums.

San Diego’s deep harbor is also housing the USS Midway, a large naval fleet, which also features a museum built in an aircraft-carrier which is open to visitors.

For people planning to visit San Diego, here are the best places to visit which offers a host of activities both indoors and outdoors.

10. Seaworld San Diego

Owned by the SeaWorld Entertainment, SeaWorld San Diego is an ocean themed park, marine mammal park, oceanarium and outside aquarium. It was founded in 1964 on 21st march by some graduates of the UCLA. They wanted to build and underwater restaurant but the due to lack of feasibility they turned it into a 22-acre marine zoological park.

The killer whale named Shamu has been the main attraction and is well known and over the years there have been many other like Shamu. Apart from orca shows the visitors can also view the marine creatures up close and in some cases they can even touch and feel the creatures. Rides and water play area for kids has also been added in recent years.

Seaworld San Diego

9. USS Midway Museum

San Diego always had strong military ties due to the presence of a large naval fleet in its harbor, so it is fitting for the city to make a 972 foot long aircraft carrier into a tourist attraction. The people visiting the USS Midway come from all age groups from young to old making it one of the most recommended site to visit in San Diego.

From 1945 to 1955, the USS Midway was the world’s largest ship in the world and the longest serving ship in the U.S Navy. On its peak it carried more than 4,000 people and it has the capacity to carry 25 aircrafts.

USS Midway Museum

8. Legoland

San Diego is also home to Legoland that is inspired from the world famous kids toys. Visitors can find human sized traffic cops, lego dinosaurs and a huge collection of different creations built from Lego blocks placed as decorations placed all over the place.The rides in Legoland have an age limit and are reserved only for smaller kids, so that bigger kids should not run over them.


7. San Diego Beaches

The west part of San Diego is almost completely surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches and people flock to these beaches for surfing, swimming or watching a sand castle competition. San Diego also has a lot of cloudy days so it is important to plan ahead of your trip.

There a lot of amazing places to play at, most of which are created due to the coupling of warm weather and the slightly sloping beaches.

San Diego Beaches

6. Coronado Island

Coronado is basically a peninsula not an island but most people refer to it as Coronado Island anyways. It is only a few blocks wide and is located on a narrow piece of land between the Pacific Ocean and the San Diego Bay. It makes up for its small size with the amount of fun that this place offers.

The laid back atmosphere gives a nice break from the traffic and daily hassle of the city. People take amazing walking tours hanging out at downtown or going to the Hotel Del Coronado. The best way to reach Coronado is through ferries that take you from San Diego Bay.

Coronado Island

5. Birch Aquarium

La Jolla in the north of San Diego is home to the Birch Aquarium. It may not be as big as some other aquariums and as extravagant as some ocean themed park, it has just the right amount of interesting creatures and it is also home to the leafy sea dragons and seahorses which also happen to be the favourite attractions of the aquarium.

Once at the aquarium, visitors can touch and feel some animals in an outdoor tide pool, they can watch other creatures being fed by the handlers. The aquarium also features a mesmerizing 70,000 gallon kelp forest.

Birch Aquarium

4. San Diego Safari Park

For anyone who wants a different sort of wildlife experience they must visit the San Diego Safari Park. Like its name suggests it offers an experience which is more like a safari tour. A lot of big animals are housed in the same large open area almost like their natural habitat. The only difference is that predators are kept separate from prey.

Visitors can view the pride of lions in a safari like tour and there is also a Petting Kral where you have the chance to get some personal time with some tame animals. Apart from these activities visitors can also enjoy overnight sleepovers and photography tours.

San Diego Safari Park

3. Balboa Park

For people interesting in photography there is no better place to visit in San Diego there is no place better than Balboa Park. There are numerous extremely beautiful buildings which can easily be considered as attractions themselves as they are surrounded by trees , lush green lawns and fountains.

Balboa Park has fifteen gardens and eight museums and you can also watch a Tony-award winning play there. Visitors also take long walks and bike rides throughout the area. Balboa Park is situated on the east of downtown San Diego.

Balboa Park

2. San Diego Zoo

Rated internationally as one of the best zoos which are active in animal conservation, the San Diego Zoo is located on the east of downtown San Diego in Balboa Park. The first display put on by the San Diego Zoo was in 1916 and it was a Kodiak bear called Caesar. In this zoo animals are kept under the most natural settings possible and visitors can even see some animals up close and personal.

The most famous inhabitants of the zoo are Basi and Yuan Yuan, two Giant Pandas that were loaned from China in 1987. Other than pandas the zoo houses 4,000 endangered animals, albino boa constrictors, Koalas, California Condor and a lot more.

San Diego Zoo

1. La Jolla

Meaning the jewel in spanish, La Jolla is an appropriate name for a beautiful, Mediterranean-type seaside town which is located on the cliffs on the side of the ocean. People can dine in great restaurants some of them have amazing views of the ocean.

Visitors also enjoy kayaking in the ocean, hopping the tide pool, biking and running along the waterfront. Many visitors come to surf the waves at the Windansea Beach and then there are those who are more interested in quiet walks along the beaches or the cliffs.

La Jolla

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