Top 10 Things to Do in Poland

Top 10 Things to Do in Poland

Poland is best known for its exuberant cuisine, its primitive architecture and its Jewish heritage. Poland is located on the Baltic Sea in eastern Europe and after surviving hundreds of years of conflict it has risen as an independent and proud country with its own unique and rich culture.

For visitors Poland offers amazing historical sites, sparkling cities, scenic landscapes and a quaint countryside with forests and lakes. The former Royal capital, Krakow has a very well preserved medieval structures and is one of the most visited cities in Poland.

Here are our top ten recommendations of things to do while on a trip to Poland.

10. Lazienki Park

Lazienki Park is located in the central district of Warsaw on the Royal Route which links the Wilanow palace and the Royal Castle. Spread across an area of 76 hectares, Lazienki Park is the largest public park in Warsaw, Poland. It is a very famous tourist attraction, regardless of whatever the time of year it may be.

The park is full of cafes, restaurants, palaces, theatres, mansions and lakes, and here visitors can see beautiful peacocks spreading their spectacular wings, or they can feed swans while rowing a boat in the lakes.

Lazienki Park

9. Warsaw Uprising Museum

People interested in Polish history or the history of the second world war should take a tour of the Warsaw Uprising Museum to have an interactive and an educational experience of that era. The museum has a well kept record of the struggles and the resistance of Polish people in the form of testimonials, films, artefacts and slides.The museum was built in 1983 as a dedication to the uprising of Warsaw in 1944, it is located in Wola district of Warsaw, Poland.

Warsaw Uprising Museum

8. The Living Museum of Gingerbread

The Living Museum of Gingerbread is a place where centuries old traditions of baking gingerbread are taught in an extremely interactive way. The fun part of this whole experience is that you get to be a part of it and actual gingerbread is being baked by your own hands. It is a two part process, first visitors are taught how to make the dough, the old fashioned way and the second part consists of baking that dough by using traditional baking molds.It is a very famous tourist attraction and a lot of people want to visit the museum so it is recommended to book in advance.

The Living Museum of Gingerbread

7. Auschwitz-Birkenau

Nazi Germany annexed Poland and huge extermination camps and concentration camps were established here under the administration of the Third Reich. Auschwitz is perhaps the most notorious of these camps and Auschwitz II was the main site for Jewish extermination or the Final Solution, as called by the Nazis.

Words can hardly describe the powerful experience of a visit to the concentration camp of Auschwitz. The first thing that strikes every visitor is the enormous size of the camp and more than 25 million people have visited Auschwitz in honor of the people who were murdered there.

Illustration sur la Pologne

6. Bialowieza Forest

Spread across the borders of the Republic of Belarus and Poland, the Bialowieza Forest is a huge remnant of the prehistoric forest that once covered most of Europe. The forest is famous for one particular animal, the European Bison, and there are over 800 bisons in the Bialowieza Forest.

Tourists often do border crossings through the forest and there are two ways of doing it, either on foot or on bicycles. Although the bisons are kept within a fenced area, visitors can enjoy guided tours on foot or on carriages drawn by horses.

Bialowieza Forest2

5. Kaplica Czaszek: The Chapel of Skulls

The inner walls and ceilings of St. Bartholomew’s Church are decorated with skulls and bones of over 3,000 people, mostly placed in the style of a Jolly Roger. Another 21,000 skeletons are stacked downstairs in the crypt of the church. These bones were collected by the a Czech Priest named, Vaclav Tomasek with the help of the local gravedigger J.Langer. The pair collected, cleaned and arranged almost 24,000 skeletons for over 18, years to decorate the walls and ceilings.

Kaplica Czaszek The Chapel of Skulls

4. Krakow

Located in Poland’s most important economic hub, the city of Krakow has always been the center of arts, culture and academics in Poland. The city’s origins can be traced back to the 7th century and it is located in the Lesser Poland Region on the Vistula River. Due to its longevity, Krakow features numerous styles of historic architecture. The city is full of parks and gardens, a few well knowns include the Planty Park, Botanical Garden, Jordan Park and the Blonia Park.


3. Main Market Square

Perhaps the most famous tourist destination of Poland, the Main Market Square was built in the 13th century in the Old Town in Krakow. It is the largest archaic town square in entire Europe and it is enclosed by medieval townhouses, churches, buildings and palaces. One of the main attractions of the main market square is the Cloth Hall, built in a renaissance style in 1555.

Main Market Square

2. Tatra National Park

The Malopolska region of Lesser Poland is home to the Tatra National Park, located in the Tatra country’s Tatra mountains, with its headquarters in the town of Zakopane. The park hosts spectacular streams, beautiful lakes and numerous species of flora and fauna can be found grazing or roaming around the park. But if you want to enjoy the quiet ambiance of the park you have to go higher, because the higher you get the quieter it gets.

Tatra National Park

1.The Wieliczka Salt Mine

For people who like to explore, a trip to the Wieliczka Salt Mine is a must. People in Poland compare its magnificence to that of the Egyptian pyramids. The mine has long subterranean passages, huge caverns and underground lakes that you have to see to believe. Visitors are amazed at the spectacular decoration of these chambers, which include salt statues, engraved salt rocks and even chandeliers. The two hour long guided tour would satisfy even an avid explorer to his heart’s content.

The Wieliczka Salt Mine

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