Top 10 Things To Do in Atlanta

Top 10 Things To Do in Atlanta

Atlanta is famous for its important role that it played in the civil war and the civil rights movement in 1960 and it is the capital of Georgia. The great civil rights movement leader, Martin Luther King Jr. was born and raised in Atlanta and the city has honored him by dedicating the Martin Luther King Jr. National Site to the leader’s life and times. The city of Atlanta has a great and long history and the Atlanta History Center keeps the record of this history.

From all the historic places and tourist attractions following are the best that the city of Atlanta has to offer.

10. World of Coca Cola

Coca Cola is undoubtedly, the most well know brand of beverages worldwide and in Atlanta, Georgia there is a Museum called the World of Coca Cola where you can see the bottling process up close and have the chance to taste test over hundred beverages. The “Secret Formula” of Coca Cola is also kept here in a secured vault.

Apart from these activities people can visit the galleries which are dedicated to the display of advertising campaigns, impact of coke on pop culture and the bottling process. There is also a “My Coke Art” exhibit where people can create their own coke.

World of Coca Cola

9. Atlanta History Center

The Buckhead district of Atlanta, Georgia is home to a history museum and research center, the Atlanta History Center (AHC) and it was founded in 1926. The museum has six permanent exhibitions and numerous temporary exhibitions.

The AHC has houses and gardens with historic significance like the Tullie Smith Farm, the Wood Family Cabin and the Swan House on its 33-acre campus. The biggest assortment of Civil War Artifacts are held here at the AHC. All the scientific research is done at the Kenan Research Center.

Atlanta History Center

8. Oakland Cemetery Tour

Oakland Cemetery is not only the oldest cemetery in Atlanta, it is also one of the largest green spaces of the city and it was founded in 1850. The best way to visit the cemetery by taking a self-tour, maps are available at the visitor center and they highlight a lot of different sights and their location in the cemetery.

Guided tours of the scenic and spooky place of this everlasting resting place are offered during the Halloween season. People can visit the spectacular botanic gardens and they can also visit the graves of some of the famous local people like Margaret Mitchell the author and pro golfer Bobby Jones.

Oakland Cemetery Tour

7. Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site

If anyone wants to learn about Martin Luther King Jr. and pay some sort of tribute to him, there is no better way than to visit the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. The site was confirmed in 1980 and it celebrates the work of Martin Luther while his tomb is housed in the King Center.

Visitors can hear the recordings of the speeches and lessons of Martin Luther King Jr. in his own voice and they are played in the church. A stop at the visitor center will let you know about the different exhibits that are going to be exhibited in the D.R.E.A.M gallery.

Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site

6. Georgia Aquarium

Boasting a playground of 10-million gallons for different types of marine animals like sharks, dolphins, penguins and beluga whales, the Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the world. Apart from different marine species it also features a living reef exhibit which is one of largest in the world.

Visitors can experience underwater viewing without learning to breathe from an oxygen tank and see the various creatures from a different angle. A huge variety of aquatic animals is on display on more than sixty exhibits which are showcased in the aquarium.

Georgia Aquarium

5. Centennial Olympic Park

The Centennial Olympic park organises concerts, charity walks and much more and it is a famous tourist attraction for both tourists and locals. It was originally built as a meeting place for the Summer Olympic Games of 1996.

It offers great on-site eating spots and a playground for children, and in Atlanta this park is the most photographed place. The water fountain performances are a must see and the park has an interactive fountain called the Fountain of Rings, which is shaped in the form of olympic ring.

Centennial Olympic Park

4. Fernbank Museum of Natural History

The Fernbank Museum of Natural History sits between a 65-acre forest and it features a planetarium, an observatory, an IMAX theatre with the biggest movie screen in Atlanta and many more interesting exhibitions. The museum is home to the remains of the biggest dinosaurs ever discovered.

Visitors can observe virtual waterfalls and at NatureQuest the inside of huge red oak tree can be observed. Here kids can explore each and every corner of a multi-level clubhouse.

Fernbank Museum of Natural History

3. Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta holds more than 1,000 different wild creatures from 200 species around the world and it is spread across an area of 40-acres in the Grant Park. It is the most famous cultural attraction of Atlanta and also the oldest one.

Zoo Atlanta offers great fun time for families through its interactive wildlife shows, the petting zoo with sheeps and goats and the zoo train. Gorillas are one of the most famous attractions of the zoo and it is also one of the few zoos in U.S that has pandas.

Zoo Atlanta

2. CNN Studio Tour

The CNN Studio tours provides an inside look in the main headquarter of the global news channel CNN, and how news is produced in there. This tour is a walking tour that gives you a look deep inside the international headquarters of CNN and is 50 minute long.

Tourists can ride the longest freestanding escalator in the world and they can also watch a live newsfeed as well as try their hands on “cold reading” the news which is not that easy as it may seem.

1. Six Flags White Water

Opened originally as White Water Atlanta in 1984, the Six Flags White Water is a water park spreading across 69-acres and is located in northeast of Atlanta. It became a part of the Six Flags family in1999 and in 2012, the park had 505,000 visitors which put it on #12 on the most visited water parks list.

The park is famous for its different rides which include the Bahama Bob Slide, The Cliffhanger, the Dragon’s Tail, the Black River falls and Tornado. Six Flags White Water comes at the top of this list because it offers the best quality and great fun time for families on vacation or for the local families too.

Six Flags White Water

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