Top 10 Most Secret Places on Earth

Top 10 Most Secret Places on Earth

There are numerous places on earth that either no one knows about or no one is allowed to visit even if they wanted to do so. Some of these places are very famous and well known by the general public while others are more secretive and majority of the people don’t even know about their existence.

The following list features ten such places where a visit for the general public is impossible and only a small number of selected people are able to visit or work in them.

10. Mezhgorye (Russia)

Located near Mount Yamantau in the southern Ural Mountains, Mezhgorye is a restricted area in the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia 200 kilometers from the capital of the republic on in the southeast of Ufa and on the side of the Maly Inser River. The town has a total population of 17,352 people.

It is alleged that the restricted status of the town is due to the presence of a secret nuclear missile base, and it is also rumoured that at least two Russian military battalions are also stationed there. The town of Mezhgorye is controlled by the Federal Government of Russia directly.


09. Pine Gap (Australia)

Also know as the Area 51 of Australia,Pine Gap is a satellite tracking station operated jointly by the United States of America. It is located near the town of Alice Springs in Northern Territory in the center of Australia . Today it is called the Joint Defense Facility Pine Gap.

Pine Gap is one of the facilities which is engaged in global surveillance and is being used in the PRISM surveillance program of the United States. Its secret operations and restricted access to public and media has given rise to numerous rumours, Aliens being one of the most famous ones.

Pine Gap (Australia) Most Secret Places on Earth

08. Vatican City Archives (Vatican City)

The main depot for the record keeping and maintenance of centuries old documents in The Vatican is done in the Vatican City Archives, which was a part of Vatican Library before the 17th century. The archives are considered as a personal property of the Pope and are passed to his successor after his death.

The archives are open to just over a thousand researchers who study the documents every year and there are strict standards for the participants. The archives hold 53 miles of books and some of its parts are still kept secret and no outsider is allowed to access these parts of the archives.

07. Moscow Metro 2 (Russia)

The Moscow Meter 2 is also referred to as Stalin’s best kept secret and it is an alleged underground secret metro system alongside the public Moscow Metro. Codenamed D6, the system is supposedly still operational and is run by the Ministry of Defense.

It is believed that this system connected thex Kremlin to the outposts of KGB and most importantly to Stalin’s outer city residence. Allegedly Stalin wanted an escape route in case of emergency.

Moscow Metro 2

06. Room 39 (North Korea)

Since North Korea is virtually secluded from the other world, not much is known about the origin of this top secret North Korean Party organization whose main goal is to find ways to maintain the foreign currency funds for the Kim dynasty. It is known by many names such as Office 39, Bureau 39 and Division 39.

It is estimated that this organization generates between $500 million to $1 billion every year and there is quite a big chance that the much of it is acquired through illegal activities. These activities include counterfeiting U.S currency and production of drugs like methamphetamine and heroin.


05. Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center

Set up in the cold war days in the 1950’s, the Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center is still operational today. This facility was designed to face the “end of days” scenario and it is operated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center is completely restricted to the general public and only a few selected people are allowed to access the facility.

Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center most secret places on earth

04. Area 51 (USA)

Area 51 is a distant division of Edwards Air Force Base and it is a United States Air Force facility which is famous for its UFO rumors and conspiracy theories. It is thought that the main purpose of this facility is the testing and development of experimental aircrafts, although it is not the official declared purpose.

According to conspiracy theories Area 51 is the place where the U.S government is hiding all the evidence of extraterrestrial life. There are even claims of experimentation of alien technology.
The fact that access is denied to public and even the annual budget is kept secret makes it one of the most secret places on earth.

Area 51 USA

03. Ise Grand Shrine (Japan)

The Ise Grand Shrine is officially known as Jingu and it is basically a shrine complex centered on two major shrines the Naiku and Geku and is situated in Ise, Mie, Japan. Naiku is the inner shrine and is dedicated to the worship of Amaterasu while the outer shrine Geku is dedicated to Toyouke-Omikami and is located six kilometers from Naiku.

This place is one the most holiest places in Japan and access is so limited that the general public can only see the roofs of most of the buildings, they are not allowed to enter the shrines. The chief priest or priestess is responsible for looking after the shrine and they must come from the Imperial House of Japan.

Ise Grand Shrine (Japan)

02. Bohemian Grove (USA)

Bohemian Grove belongs to a private men’s club known as the Bohemian Club and it is a campground spread across 2,700 acres. It is located in California at 20601 Bohemian Avenue, in Monte Rio. Every July some of the most important people in the world are invited to a two week encampment and no one is allowed to enter the place except these people.

During these two weeks the participants engage in pagan rituals which include the Cremation of Care ceremony. This ceremony takes place in front of a 39 foot tall owl statue which is also the mascot of the Bohemian Grove. There is a lot of criticism on Bohemian Grove due the extreme secrecy of the activities that happen there.

Bohemian Grove

01. RAF Menwith Hill (England)

The RAF Menwith Hill is a British Air Force Station located at Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England. This military base has is connected to the global ECHELON spy network and it contains a complete satellite ground station and works as a missile warning site and communications interception point.

The United States National Reconnaissance Office operates a number of satellites from this base and are alleged to be connected to the ECHELON system. The RAF Menwith Hill is described as the biggest electronic monitoring system in the world.

RAF Menwith Hill (England) most secret places on earth

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