Top 10 Scientific Breakthroughs and Inventions in 2015

Top 10 Scientific Breakthroughs and Inventions in 2015

From a gel that stops bleeding in seconds to a water processing plant that turns human waste into water and fertilizers, the year 2015 is full of major scientific breakthroughs and inventions that give for a better future for mankind.

10. Vetigel

A plant-based gel that stops bleeding in just twelve seconds. It will be distributed to veterinarians  soon and human tests will start soon. A plant-based haemophilic polymer is used that forms a mesh and seals the wounds. Vetigel also stops blood clotting and it is absorbed in the affected tissue so there is no need for cleaning it.


9. $9 Computer

Hardware can be expensive but not CHIP, the world’s first nine dollars computer will be available in market soon. It is made by using a 1GHz processor chip with 512MB of RAM and 4GB storage. All you have to do is to connect this chip to a monitor, mouse or keyboard and it is ready to go, CEO of Next Thing Co. Dave Rauchwerk started the project on Kickstarter.


8. 3D Printed Medicine

Experts from MIT have developed the first 3D printed medicine “Spiritum”, and the U.S Food and Drug Administration have approved its production. A milestone in the field of medicine, the impact of 3D printed drugs will be historic and it has already opened up a world of downloadable medicine. Experts believe that it will be a cheap way of producing medicine in developing countries.


7. Solar-Powered Internet Plane

Facebook have launched Aquila, a solar-powered plane that uses a laser beam to transmit internet to a base station from 30,000 to 60,000 feet above the sky. This plane weighs just one-third of a normal car and can fly upto three months without landing providing 10 gigabytes of data per second to the base station. It is just a part of Facebook’s current strategy to connect the world.


6. Genes Editing Tools

Scientists unlocked the human genome using CRISPR(a gene editing tool) which has given humans the ability to rewrite the human genome. This tool allows scientists to specifically disrupt or replace genomes.Scientists believe that gene editing will revolutionize the all fields of science from cancer research, mental sciences to chemical engineering and production of power.


5. Omniprocessor

The project to recycle human waste to produce drinking water is completed with the cooperation of Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, and Bill Gates himself drank water produced from this plant. Janicki Bioenergy have developed this machine called the Omniprocessor that turns 14 tons of of waste into water and electricity daily. This machine will be working on full capacity in Dakar, the capital city of Senegal.


4. Eating Utensils For Alzheimer Patients

Eatwell is a set of eating utensils which have bright colors and intelligent design that helps mentally challenged patients to eat easily and with dignity. Alzheimer has still no cure but these smartly designed utensils can help build confidence in patients which can decrease the intensity of its effects. Uniquely designed bowls stop spills, spoons that fit the shape of the hand perfectly and bright colors which help patients eat more are some of the features of these utensils.


3. New Ebola Vaccine

The initial tests of newly designed ebola vaccine have shown signs of being 100% successful. This vaccine is developed by pharmaceutical company Mirk and is sponsored by World Health Organization. Four thousand people were administered with this vaccine in Guyana and none of them showed any signs of the virus. Further research is being conducted on this vaccine to find out how it will provide safety in long term.


2. Building Skyscrapers in Days

Sky City is a 57 storey building in South China that was built in just 18 days, proving that tall skyscrapers can built with surprising speed. The building was made by constructing individual blocks in factories and then assembling them on the site. This type of construction is called Modular Construction, and the company behind this building already have plans to build a 220 storey building in just seven months.

1. Accurate Weather Prediction

Satellite company Espire is planning to compile weather data in such manner which is never seen before. An army of satellites will be sent in orbit, twenty of which will be sent this year and a hundred more will follow in the near future. By the end of this year these satellites will send ten thousand data readings which will increase by five times later. This will provide an enormous amount of data which will result in more accurate predictions of rainfall, storms, tropical cyclones and other weather systems.

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