Top 10 Richest Persons in the World

Top 10 Richest Persons in the World

Who has more money ? Just a few people knows how to become millionaire. Everyone is trying to become rich in one way or another. Most people dream to become rich in a day or night, while rest of them pray for some lottery, other waiting for good luck. The question isn’t about how to become rich, it is about ‘how to measure richness’. Worldly standards of ‘being rich’ are changing from the ancient times. It is a postmodern world and it has very different standards. Before that, long ago people used to live in caves and there was no rich or poor. Then tools invented and a person who has the best tool to kill animals became rich. Agricultural revolution started and people with abundant land became rich. Industrial revolution changed everything, it not only changed the concept of living but also the standard of being rich. Industry owner became rich and landowners were considered mediocre. This age is the age of technology and nanotechnology and rich people are known by the worth of their bank accounts.
This ranking of Top 10 richest persons in the world is based on hours of research.

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1. Bill Gates Net Worth: $79.2 billion

Bill Gates the richest man in the world. He earned this title in 2014, before him Mexican Carlos Slim was considered the top richest person on the planet. Bill Gates Co-founded Microsoft with his friend Paul Allen, a company works to design and assemble Computer’s hardware and software along with mobile phones in 1975. He attended Harvard university, earned no degree but now he is the on the top of the list of richest men on planet. Along with Microsoft he owns a charity foundation ‘Bill & Melinda Gates foundation’. He pledges from Microsoft chairman and now he is working to eradicate Polio.


2. Carlos Slim Helu & family Net Worth: $77.1 billion

Mexican telecom landscape changes abruptly but Carlos Slim is the 2nd world’s richest person. His telecom industry prospered in Mexico, almost 2 decades has been passed. He bought AT&Ts in 2014 in $5.6 billions and now this company is the real asset of Carlos Slim. After an AT&Ts bought Mexican wireless carrier Grupo iusacell from Ricardo Salinas another Mexican philanthropist. Along with AT&Ts, telecom wireless, he owns estate company, inmuebles Carso and a $450million shareholder. According to the New York Times he is the largest shareholder in the world. In 2014 he holds nearly 17% stake.

Carlos Slim Helu
3. Warren Edward Buffett. Net Worth: 72.7 billion

Warren Buffett is the owner of a ‘Berkshire Hathway’ a diversified holding company. Why Berkshire ? Because it has class A stock, which makes it expensive in America. Buffett has been placed on 3rd number by forbes. Warren Edward buffett became 1st in 2009, then he stepped down to the 3rd position in 2011 and still he is the third. He decided to give 99% of his fortunes to the primary causes of philanthropic. As a business magnate investor of American Company he holds a repute of a romantic person of business industry. His ever green Berkshire paved ways for his future moves in railroads, energy and insurance.

4. Amancio Ortega Net Worth: $64.5 billion

The world’s richest spanish retailer was born in a poor family. His father worked as railway worker. He cofounded Zara in 1975 in a small room with the help of his wife Rosilia Mera. Zara expanded itself all over the spain in 1980 and then it became the world’s top company. When Zara grew outside the spain, Amancio Ortega caught the retail establishment by controlling supply chain and advertising limiting. Zara started with lingerie and bathrobes. A fashion designer Daniel Piette once called Inditex “possibly the most innovative and devastating retailer in the world.” He has taken billion in the Inditex last year by reinvesting in real estate business in his home country and the outside world of London, Miami, New York, Chicago.


5. Larry Ellison. Net Worth: 54.3 billion

American business man, Larry Ellision is the 1st silicon valley entrepreneur. He was raised in a mediocre family and never met his biological father. He worked for CIA and built database and then he founded a software firm, which is known as Oracle in 1977. Without any doubt Oracle has tremendous growth in no time. Only in 2013 it grew to $38.3 billion. After an year he stepped down as CEO of software firm and now he is working as Oracle’s Chairman and expert of technological industry. He bought Hawaii island’s property worth $300 million in 2012. Well now he owns every hotel room there. A well known film producer, Megan Ellison is the daughter of Larry Ellison. She is known by the production of her film, ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, which is based on the operation of US forces in Pakistan’s soil to search out Osama b. ladin.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison

6. Charles Koch. Net Worth: $42.9 billion

Charles and David are two brother. They are known as Charles and David Koch. Their influence varies in different fields as, politics, philanthropy and span business. They own koch industries. Charles has been the chairman of Koch industries since 1967, while his brother works as Executive vice president of Koch industries. Now Koch industries is the 2nd biggest private company in America. Well the first private Company of America has a business of commodities, known as Cargill. Commodities business is the business of future and it is known as future business. Both brothers invested a lot on political business in 2014, spending about 2.4 billion on republican. Koch are also active philanthropists. Along with Koch industries, they own a Koch foundation and the last year the gifted $25 million to the Negro United college fund.


7. David Koch. Net Worth: $42.9 billion

David Koch, the brother of Charles Koch and Executive vice president of Koch industries holds $115 million shares of Koch industries. This industry works in Commodities and has interest in Oil Pipelines, Paper towels, building material and refineries. Their election scam got viral and the audio recording leaks all over the business and political circles. They invested a lot for Republican party.

8. Christy Walton. Net Worth: $41.7 billion

Christy walton is the wealthiest woman the world has ever known. She lives in USA and married in Walton, which became the world’s richest family. Family inherited her wealth in 2005, when her husband John Walton died. He was a Vietnam war medic, a former green beret. His death was caused due to airplane crash in 2005. John invested in making solar panels and the world’s first solar panel was made by waltons. But he up marketing business is Walmart, which is the biggest retailer, owned by Sam Wilton, her father in law and his brother James in 1962. In 2014 Christy received $470 million in Wal Mart. She lives private life in Jackson and being the producer of films like Bless Me, Ultima, she was awarded by imagen foundation. Her son got cancer at the age of 3.


9. Jim Walton. Net Worth: $40.6 billion

Jim Walton, from Walton family of America is the youngest son of Sam Walton, who was the owner of Wal-Mart a brand American Company. This company generated $473 billions last year. In 20 countries it revenued 11,000 stores. This year they decided to raise its wages in U.S market at least $9/hour and $10/hour in the upcoming year. While a jump of $15/hour for labour advocates. Jim Walton has founded the bank known as Arvest bank and now he is the CEO and this bank own nearly $15 billion assets.


10. Liliane Bettencourt. Net Worth: $40.1 billion

French lady, 2nd wealthiest woman in world’s top richest ladies has a business in Cosmetics, which she purchased from Nestle, almost 8% of its stake in addition. She is the grand dame of L’Oreal, which was founded by her father in 1907. Her father name is Eugene Schueller. She wasn’t interested in running any business or company. She has a daughter Francoise Bettencourt Meyers. Both were fighting a legal battle till 2011. Liliane got dementia and her grandson Jean Victor Meyers replaced her in 2012 and considered her unfit for the company. Then a trial starts against those who looted millions of euros from Bettencourt. This trial began this year in January. Still she is the richest woman.

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