Top 10 Richest Countries in The World

Top 10 Richest Countries in The World

f asked, how richness can be measured, the answer is; which country produces more products, that will be rich because it has highest GDP. But that’s half true. The safest way to measure the real wealth of the country is to measure per capita. This the method taken into account foreign rates and commodity prices to generate an indicator of how much you will buy with the same use of money in other countries. Here is the list of Top 10 world’s most richest countries. With the passage of time, changes happen in money value, this list prepared on the last year’s best record.


GDP/Capital: $ 108,000

It is the most richest country in the world which not only produces Oil and natural gas but also sells it to international market. One in seven residents of this country are millionaire and 9 out of 10 workers in Construction or personal jobs are foreigners and they receive lowest wages. Residents spend luxury life and they visit London and five star hotels abroad for recreation each month. This country is increasing its wealth each year to 35%.



GDP/Capital: $ 82,500

Luxembourg is the europe’s richest country which has the wealth in the powerful banking sector and multinational companies are based in its national territory. Residents participate in prosperity. Fashion of prosperity is so great that it reaches to the residents of neighboring countries. Thousands of workers of pass every morning the border from France and Germany to go to their offices. The highest cost of housing is playing the role.



GDP/Capital: $ 64,500

This county without any doubt has the highest competent bodies and the most open economy in the world. It has a state market model structure which is designated to the famous companies. Singapore is most friendly to the business. The biggest benefit of this country is its lowest taxes and lowest corruption. It is the most richest natural country in the world.



GDP/Capital: $ 59,600

A republic center and a big western country with a wast welfare state for all the other members. It is based on physical and natural resources of oil, fisheries, shipping and hydro. Its population isn’t enough, just 6 million, living in an area which is more smaller than Germany. The gifts of nature are abundant here with prudent management and it ensures the length of its prosperity in future.



GDP/Capita: $ 58,111

This country belongs to the Sultan who ruled on it from 1967. The main source of wealth in this country is oil and agriculture, which is grounded on vast area in the countryside. People live a luxury life and president of Brunei enjoys a high standard living. Don’t be fool by the name, this country has no connection with Islamic monarchies of Middle East.



GDP/Capita: $ 56,400

Decades ago it was the only capitalist and the developed island in a popular ocean but its economy was undeveloped. Now it is different as it has progressed in the field of marketing. Today, whole area is a market place and its market economy is the biggest in the world. This country pays its inhabitants best. In last five years its GDP has climbed up to 19.6%.



GDP/Capita: $ 54,200

The first economy in the world could not be absent from the top ten. Today it is rich in oil production, before it was rich in producing goods. It is the first foreign investment
country of its own type and its New York stock exchange is the largest in the world. It is also the world’s leading facilitating entrepreneurship and competitiveness. However this country has most unequal economies with 17% of population below the poverty line.



GDP/Capita: $ 53,000

United Arab Emirates also known as UAE is the hub of business, rich in oil production and it holds number of oil companies with its residents are living tax free in their own country. This country has the biggest business market of the world but unlike most countries, it is rich in GDP as the ample of amount is served in tourism and services.



GDP/Capita: $ 49,400

Switzerland has the most stable economic environment for a half century. It holds highly skilled workers. Banks are the real asset of this country as they are safe warming of industrial sector. This country is very strong in branching business with other best halves. That’s the reason it is included in top ten.



GDP/Capita: $ 47,000

Australia a country rich in natural resources but it has lowest GDP than Italy and Spanish is more rich in GDP than Australia. But this country has increased its GDP to 17% last year. Its economy rests on mineral, which is 19% and services which are 78%.


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