Top 10 Most Hated Countries in the World

Top 10 Most Hated Countries in the World

Hate is a very strong human emotion and it is not restricted to individuals hating each other,whole nations can develop hate for their opposing nations and parts of the world can develop hate for a specific country.

Most countries of the world are hated due to their constant interference in other countries domestic matters, their greed for the natural resources of the world and the atrocities they are willing to commit to accomplish their goals. Violation of basic human rights is another reason which can make parts of the world hate a specific country, so is religious and cultural misunderstanding.

Here are ten most hated countries of the world due to one or many of the above mentioned reasons.


Mexico is not only one the most hated countries in the world but also one of the most dangerous countries. It is virtually run by drug lords with the help of extremely corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. Mexico is responsible for the most of the drugs that are shipped to the USA because it shares a long border with it. All drug related activities and gang related crimes spill into America as gangs try to control areas on both sides of the border.

Another problem that Mexico creates for the United States is the illegal immigration of Mexicans into America. Though most of these immigrants are innocent people looking for a better life, there are those who create problems for America. These people come to America and join gangs which are everywhere thus increasing the crime rate of areas. They work on less wages than the Americans so businessmen tend to hire Mexicans rather than Americans which creates hatred for them in the hearts of local Americans.


9. Japan

The Japan of today is among one of the most peaceful and progressive country in the world. The reason Japan has to be mentioned in this list is its past, especially its role in the world war 2. Japan was an ally of Germany and the Japanese forces were no less brutal than the Nazi army.

The atrocities that the Japanese committed to the Chinese people are unthinkable, now Chinese have become the largest population on earth and this means that a significant amount of the world’s population hates Japan.

Japan’s attack on the pearl harbor made America its enemy and developed a hate in the American people’s heart. America replied by dropping nuclear bombs on Japan, defeating it in the war. Such was the hate towards that people still justify that the nuclear attacks on Japan were not excessive and that Japan deserved such a response.


8. France

According to a poll done by a travel website France was voted as the world’s rudest nation for travelers. French are hated all across the world for various reasons, some of which are quite childish while others are serious. Since French is considered the language of love, women are attracted towards people who speak or can speak french. This creates a natural resentment in the hearts of those who don’t speak French.

This is a fact that the France is very aggressive country, there hundred years war with Britain is a clear proof of that. Their attitude towards non-french people, minorities and especially against muslims creates much hatred towards them. France is also a very vocal critic of the USA and have declined to support the United States on some international matters, for example, the Iraq war and the war on terrorism on a whole.


7. Germany

If you could summarize all the reasons that Germany is hated for in one word, that word would be Hitler. Germany played the significant role in starting the second world war, and Nazi forces unleashed hell on the neighboring countries which dared to defy Hitler. Even to this day the thought of Nazi concentration camps and the inhumane tortures and mass killings of hundreds of thousands of Jews can easily create strong hate for the country.

Though Nazi Germany has long gone and Germany has become one of the most successful countries in the world, nowadays the hatred is mostly due to jealousy. Germany is leading the European Union, and while most of  Europe was facing economic depression Germany was enjoying strong economic situation.


6. United Kingdom

There was a time when the sun did not fall on the British Empire. But all its might and glory could not hide the fact that wherever the British ruled they deprived that country all of its natural resources in the name of the Queen. Bengal was a province where you could not find a single poor person if you tried, but after only a few years of British occupation you could not find a single well off person in the whole area, such was the way of the British rule. It was the British who started the slave trade of Africans, capturing them from their native countries in Africa and shipping them to UK, Europe and America.

A lot of countries gained their freedom from Britain and almost all of them hate Britain due to their ruthless and greedy attitude towards the native populations. UK consistently applied the divide and rule philosophy which resulted in the division of certain countries and was not desired by the local population, such as Palestine.In recent years UK has come under strong criticism both locally and globally due to its blind following of American foreign policy and its strong support and coalition with America in the war against terrorism.


5. North Korea

North Korea has the longest running dictatorships in the modern world as Kim Jong Il’s equally demented son Kim Jong Un succeeded him. North-Korea has one of the worst human rights situations in the world and the population is strictly under observation with almost no freedom.North Korea is constantly having troubles with its neighboring countries and has threatened to attack South Korea many times.

North Korea developed nuclear weapons against the wishes of the entire international community. The fact that until 2003 North Korea was not even capable of feeding its population on its own, the country was more interested in getting nuclear weapons which shows how stupid and self-centered their leadership is.


4. Russia

The hate that the former members of the Soviet Union hold against it is enough to put Russian on number four of this list. But Russia always had empirical desires and they used to humiliate the local populations to prove that they are the superpower of the world. Russia is a failed communist state and has made life miserable for its own people. Their failed experiments and their loss of the cold war resulted in the disintegration of the country,.

Russia is always putting its nose in its neighbor’s affairs. Russia attacked in Afghanistan in December of 1979 to prove its military might killing millions of people in its wake. In more recent years Russia attacked Georgia not even caring the opposition of most of the world. Russia has played a big part in nuclear proliferation because of the weak security of nuclear installations and its corrupt politicians and military personels selling nuclear weapons in black market.



China has been declared the next superpower of the world by many experts because of the massive increase in its economy and its share of investments in the international market. But all this has come at a price as China is now one of the most polluted country in the world and its effects are not limited to China, they are global. China is still the world’s largest communist state and it is only recently that China opened its gates to the world. China is now the largest exporter of the world and its products have flooded the market. Made cheaply and with low safety standards these products contain harmful agents which are getting transferred to the users and this is creating resentment against China all over the world.

China has been giving debt to the USA for quite some time which does not go very well with the American people because there is an impression that shortage of jobs in USA is due to the fact that their jobs are outsourced from China. Americans also strongly believe that China is conspiring against them to become take America’s place as the superpower of the world. The lack of basic human rights and policies like the  restriction of having just one baby also increases hate for China.


2. Israel

Israel’s claim of independence was disputed from the start by the Arab community, but superpowers like America and Russia recognised it and thus started a hate relationship among the Arabs and Israel. Today Israel is hated unanimously by the entire muslim population of the world due to its atrocities and its discriminations towards the Palestinian people.

There is no shortage of hate for Israel in the non-muslim world too, as Israel has turned Palestine into virtually the largest prison on earth. Constant encroachment on Palestinian land has shrunk the country and Israel is building a wall on its boundaries enclosing Palestine from all sides. Israel is also notorious for attacking UN forces and buildings and in recent years a conflict was about to begin with Turkey as Israel attacked an aid embargo. Israel also stops aid embargos to reach Palestine including medical aid which is truly hateful.


1. United States of America

The United States of America is the most hated country in the world and there is good reason behind this impression. Its constant interference in other countries foreign policies is the most common reason for being hated. The general impression about America is that, it supports those countries which plan their foreign policies according to its wishes and punishes those who don’t. Its support for corrupt leaders and ruthless dictators also generates hates on a national level.

USA’s greed for natural resources and the lengths it is willing to go to get control over these is not hidden from anyone, Iraq is a prime example. But by far the most hateful act of USA nowadays is the war on terror. Hundred of thousands of innocent lives have been lost in the form of so called collateral damage. America is in a state of war ever since WW2, Korean war , Vietnam war, Cuban missile crisis, Iran saga, cold war with Russia, first Iraq war and so on. All this gives plenty of reasons to the world to hate America.



  1. Muhammad Mushtaq

    India ?

    1. This list is based on number of people affected by any county, India is still not in the list of top 10 most hated countries.

  2. India should be there in place of Germany because hatred for Germany is based on its past where as India currently is the worst neighbor in Asia, consider its meddling in Nepal, Sri Lanka Myanmar, Bangladesh and most of all Pakistan and all of it belligerent not to mention its internal insecurity and poverty.

  3. India deserved to be here in the list…because of the brutality and human rights violation in Kashmir…and its cruel behaviour towards its own minorities like sikhs,muslims and christians…

  4. Tomasz Wiącek

    Almost all things you have written about Israel are nasty lies! Arabs living in Israel enjoy it and it’s better for them than to live in an arabic country and at the same time they curse this state. Biggest prison in the world – sorry? What would be fact proving that lie? If you didn’t know there has never been state of Palestine.

    1. Motherfucker Israeli! wait for Pakistan to come!!

  5. You got the German flag wrong!!

  6. I am surprised India is not here

  7. US did not invade Iraq to seize their oil.

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