Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World

The world is a dangerous place to live. Live itself has no insurance policy to save you from death. But few cities of the world are more dangerous than animals. Would you like to visit a city, where death is cheaper than a mobile phone. Surely you wouldn’t want to visit those place, where sexual assault is common at night and murder at day. Here is the list of Top ten cities of the world, which were regarded high in crime. Take a look before travelling and you will be saved.

10. IndianaPolis, Indiana

Indianapolis got top ten rank lately due to its high crime rate. It is impossible to live here without having a crime history, like falcony crime, murder charges, gun crime or violent crime. Study also shows that 51% of victims don’t cooperate with police during investigation. That action boosts up the crime rate. Though people have their security issues. Victim and suspect rate lies between 15 to 24 years of age. This year ends with 135 murders, 573 rapes, 3,808 robberies, 6,251 aggravated assaults and 151 homicides. From 2006 till today, crime and murder rate has been increased by 8%. This city holds 858,238 people and its crime number is 9 in 2015. In 2013 to 2014, crime rate increased by 2%.


9. Baghdad, Iraq

Baghdad is the city of Iraq. State bureau of diplomatic security placed it as the highest in murder and crime last year. This city has political unrest and terrorist insurgence. Though road safety is better, as roads are good and clean but a continuous threat of IEDs. In 2013, crime rate was a bit high, this year 8,800 people were killed in which 7,800 were civilians. First Al Qaeda now ISIS is targeting this city. Establishment of khilafat in northwestern Iraq and northern syrian part has become a real treat to sudden murders and killings. Terrorist groups repeatedly targeting the security forces locations and armed forces captured areas. This country has civil unrest and anytime, religious or sectarian violence can occur.


8. Acapulco, Mexico

It is a place where masked criminals kidnap people and the number of masked criminals immensely increased to 300. Homicide has been decreased in 2015 but violence remains high. Every third murder depicts a gang crime. This is the place where criminals don’t care about police and police seldom chase them as they have better hideouts everywhere. Former Mexican president Felipe Calderon’s era has seen the crime rate up to 58%, while it increased 40% later. Hollywood has a history of movies released on Mexico crimes, ever second movie deals with crime. Mexico has organized crime all over the place and that’s why it is not safe to travel here.


7. Caracas, Venezuela

24,000 murders in 2013, which is the rise of 14%. This city is high in crime. In 2013 it was branded as the most horrific city. UN placed it on the top of murderer cities list. Homicide rate has been 37% in 2004, now after ten years it increased to 82% per 100,000. And murder rate increased to 121 per 100,000. Citizen commented, ‘you cannot walk alone in night, it is a sheer suicide, better to die alone’. While safety during daylight walk is 18% and on night it reduces to 2%. For the middle class crime is the biggest topic of conversation here and they target security personals, armed forces targeted attacks. It is the capital district, while Argentina has the lowest crime rate.


6. Kabul, Afghanistan

Kabul has a history of crimes, especially religious terrorist organization polluted the city with heinous activities of killing, murder and torture in past few years. It is labeled on many US website, ‘Americans are strongly urged not to travel Afghanistan’, The risk of direct fire, targeting killing, Improvised explosive devices are common in Afghanistan. Specially vehicle borne improvised explosive devices are most common among armed forces and terrorists and that’s why there is no safe journey in here. All the roads are of inferior type. There are roadblocks and checkpoints headed by Afghan national security forces, which is another threat to security. Last year crime rate in Kabul increased by 30%. This country is facing political and civil unrest with Taliban. Taliban are trying to capture the whole area of Kabul, that’s why everyday there are clashes and strikes.


5. Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi a city of pakistan has been the most dangerous city of the world in last few years. Terrorists attacks were the main cause of unrest in the city, which killed hundreds of civilians and armed soldiers. Targeted shooting can happen any moment at any place, lately many Ranger forces men were killed. This city is the financial hub of the country. According to Al Jazeera, karachi murder rate is 12.3% per 100000, which is high enough as no other dangerous city can compare the crime rate of karachi. Its world’s 25th largest city with seaport. Lately it has become highly famous for its motorbike rider assassins. Last year, Government of Pakistan started operation against criminals and murderers in karachi, arrested hundreds of political activists during search operation to specific areas of karachi. 971 people were killed in the start of 2015. Now this city is coming to its normal situation with a a bit low in crime rate.


4. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

It is nicknamed ‘a warzone’. In 2014 it has a murder rate of 171 per 100,000. There is a continuous fear of gangs and gang raps. Every citizen pays what is known as war tax, a fee from citizen to the criminals on every street. This city has become the hub of impunity. Police failed to protect the streets and people, more than 85% cases remained unsolved. Police has limited or no resources at all. Local police and army tried exclusively to reduce the crime by torturing, sometimes innocent but no visible output has been seen. 60,000 has been killed lately in drug related issues.


3. Ciudad Jerez, Spain

It was known as the murder capital of the world years before. 8.6 killings per day has been happening nearly 2010. Along with killings, homicide, kidnapping and drug issues were most common those day. Now 5 years has been passed and the whole scenario has been changed. Now Ciudad has become pretty good in services and criminal activities reduced. Those were the times, when 20 killings per day were considered normal and now it is safe to travel back to Ciudad Jeruz. Though last year in 2014, 585 people were killed. Lately an advertisement fetched people back to the city, ‘Proud to be from Jeruz’, which is a sign of welcome and appreciation.


2. Cape Town, South Africa

South africa is a tourist place. Its main city Cape Town has always been the worst place regarding crimes, murders and violence. It is the un-safest city at night specially for women. High level crime rate in cape town is due to unrest in socioeconomic situation of the country. Political unrest and bad decisions of the government led to poverty, which increased the robbery crime in Cape Town. ATM are the hotspot plots of robberies. This city has high sexual assault rate, which isn’t a safe place for women, specially at night. This city holds a most beautiful place, Table mountains a tourist place but it demands more deaths than Mount Everest.


1. Rio de janeiro, Brazil

Just be safe to travel to Rio for Olympics 2016. The level of crime in the city of Rio De Janeiro has been 91%. Intentional homicides in 2014 were 4,500 which is pretty high. Newspapers mislead people by telling them that killing ratio is 21% per 100,000, while it was 35% according to the local residents. People dreamed to come here and seldom they came back in full health. Each day, a new street with same old crimes. People were killed by stray bullets between 2008 to 2013. Police started summar security operations at beaches and the use of masks by military men recommended again. A new security center was established to integrate with the state. Though 70% of police colleagues were killed.



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