Top 10 Biggest Animals In The World

Top 10 Biggest Animals In The World

The Amazon forest is a vast ecosystem that is a hometown to various creatures of the animal kingdom. Animals live here like like a family. There are every kind of species, birds, whales, lions, lizards, the most common ones and the most largest, biggest ones. It is the kingdom of animals and every animal has a part to play. Some of them are born to die while other live to fight. These biggest animals, if you wish to meet them, surely you can’t because they are scary but interesting. Here is the list of top 10 biggest animals of the world.

1. Arapaima

It is the largest freshwater fish of nature. It can reach a length of 4.5 meters and its weight around 100 pounds. It is carnivorous and is found in the Amazon and in the surrounding lakes. This animal is extremely powerful in scales. Arapaima live near the surface because it takes more oxygen.


2. Giant otter

The giant otter is the largest representative of the weasel family. Weasel family is the important one. The adult males of the species can reach a length of up to 2.1 meters from head to tail. They feed mainly on fish and crabs. Chasing a fish for food can can consume up to 4 pounds of food. It can kill and eat the whole anaconda. Though their population is constantly decreasing, but the species still retains the nickname “wolf of the river.”

 Giant otter

3. Green Anaconda


The largest snake in the world. It needs no further introduction but may not be the longest. Another type of snake known as python is the longest of all. This green anaconda is the heaviest snake on earth. Male anaconda is smaller than female anaconda. It can reach upto 259 pounds. If we talk about its length then it goes to 9 meters in length. It can crush the victims including deer, caimans, and even jaguars.

 Green Anaconda

4. White Rhinoceros

Nola died few years ago and after the death it was officially announced, now there are 3 white rhinos on earth. They belong to Rinokeritida family and herbivorous mammals in Africa and some parts of Asia. They have flat hairless skin with two horns. Its length 3-3.7 meters, height 1.5 meters but they can weigh upto 2 tons. The most aggressive animals on earth. They have different types, Indian have typical horn while Asian have some different length and weight. They have a species known as javan rhino, which is a little smaller than traditional ones.

 White Rhinoceros

5. American Alligator

World’s biggest American alligator can be seen in Alabama museum. It broke records. It was 15 feet and 9 inches long and it weighed weighed 1,011.5 pounds. Stroke family members captured it in August 2014. It was so young, 24-28 years old then. Common alligators are smaller in size, females are more smaller than males. They can lenght 9.5 ft.

 American Alligator

6. Black Caimans

The extremely strong this alligator can grow to a length of 6 meters. Its head is greater than the crocodiles of the Nile. The black caiman is at the top predators of the forests, being the “king” of the river, and can eat almost anything including piranhas, monkeys, deer and anaconda. Fresh human meat is no exception here. In 2010, Deise lost her leg, she was attacked by Black Caimans.

 Black Caimans

7. Colossal Squid

The colossal squid is the largest invertebrate. The maximum size of Colossal Squid can even reach upto 14m or maybe a bit longer than that. The largest squid ever recorded so far reached a length of 10 meters and that was weighing 494 kg.

 Colossal Squid

8. Blue Whale

The blue whale is the largest animal of its own kind and no other animal has ever been so great and large on earth. Its weight can reach 180 tons and length 30 meters. In simple words we can say, its tongue can weigh as much as an elephant and what about its heart? well it can weigh more than a car. Blue whale belongs to fish species also known as Balaenoptera musculus. It is the biggest fish ever lived in the sea. Its recorded weight was 190 tons and it was 34 meters long. Blue whale is a marine animal which belongs to baleen whales. It can live 80-90 years.

 Blue Whale

9. Bush Elephant

It is the largest animal living and it can reach to 7+ meters in length. While its height is 10+ft. In elephant species, males are bigger than females. Female may reach at 6.9 meters in length. Great size animals don’t live long or their genetic faults may less the age of upcomming species. Their ancestors maybe more in size.

 Bush Elephant

10. Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs were the largest animals ever lived on earth with a weight more than 1400 kilograms and length about 9 meters. They were named Gioutyranos which means handsome winged tyrant. They lived around 125 million years ago and they were located in China. They were the Tyrannosaurus, which belong to the same family of cold-blooded creatures.


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